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5 Benefits of Japanese Brown Rice Coffee

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“Brown rice coffee”, “Brown rice tea”, “Genshin coffee”... If you have ever been looking for a caffeine-free drink in Japan, you might have heard one of those expressions before. Japanese cuisine and food are known to be healthy, and so is this drink.

Brown rice coffee is often mistaken for genmai-cha, but they are both different. Brown rice coffee is only made from Japanese roasted brown rice. Genmai-cha is made from green tea mixed with roasted brown rice. 

Brown rice coffee is gluten-free and naturally caffeine-free. Traditionally used as a remedy, this Japanese drink has several benefits for your well-being that you might not know until now.

1. Brown Rice Coffee Helps You to Boost Your Immune System

The immune system can be defined as our natural defense system which protects us against viruses and diseases. In Japan, it is commonly said that warming up your body helps you to boost your immune system. To do so, brown rice coffee is one of those drinks that can help you with this issue, especially when it is cold outside. 

2. Brown rice coffee helps you to have a healthy diet

A healthy diet is the key to start getting in shape. Brown rice coffee is a Japanese natural drink, only made from roasted brown rice. For more flavor, you can add honey or spices such as cinnamon, but brown rice coffee itself won’t harm your body. This is why pregnant and breastfeeding women can consume it safely, especially when they want to drink something different from water or juice. Moreover, brown rice has detox properties. It is rich in nutrients which helps you to stay full all day long and avoid cravings. Brown rice also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps you to improve your digestion.

3. Brown rice coffee helps you to have a better sleep quality

Sleep is a basic and essential human need. You need rest and good quality sleep to do your tasks of the day. Sleep has also a huge impact on your mood, your productivity, and both your physical and mental health. However, more and more people are having difficulties falling asleep because of their caffeine intake. Consequently, they are looking for a healthy yet tasty alternative to their daily cup(s) of coffee.

Brown rice coffee is one of the best coffee substitutes you will ever find. It is healthy, natural, sugar-free, and most importantly, caffeine-free. The Japanese call it “brown rice coffee” because it looks like coffee, but it is only made from Japanese brown rice. If you are bored with chicory and cereal-based substitute coffee, brown rice coffee is the best option for you. You can enjoy it after your lunch or dinner without the consequences on your sleep. 

4. Brown rice coffee is the best drink for your lunchtime 

Rice is the staple food of Japan. Brown rice coffee can inevitably match with Japanese meals and rice dishes! Thanks to this drink , you can enjoy your cup of coffee after your lunch or dinner safely, and you don’t need to worry about your caffeine intake either. You can also cook a variety of recipes with it: panna cotta, curry, crepes, or even ochazuke!

You can also add some almond milk for a brown rice coffee latte! Hot or iced, brown rice coffee is your everyday best health ally!

5. Brown rice coffee helps you with your daily mindfulness practice

Have you ever heard about mindful eating? This act of self-care consists in focusing and feeling the texture, taste, and warmth of what you are eating or drinking. Brown rice coffee is the perfect drink for this kind of exercise: it has no caffeine and has no diuretic effect, so you can focus your mind and feel its roasted brown rice taste. By practicing mindfulness daily, you will find joy in your everyday life, you feel less anxiety and stress, and therefore you will have better mental and physical health.


If you are looking for a tasty coffee substitute or if you want to decrease your caffeine intake, brown rice coffee is the best Japanese drink for you. Brown rice coffee is good for your health, you can cook a large number of dishes with it, and it can easily be part of your mindfulness routine.

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