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Japan Living Guides by Prefecture

Our comprehensive guides contain detailed living information for each of Japan’s most popular prefectures, from recommended English sites and expat communities to English-speaking facilities and services for your daily needs (hospitals, international children’s schools, and more).


Tokyo serves as the country's political, administrative, and economic hub, with around 30 percent of Japan’s population calling it home. While Tokyo is one large metropolis, it is divided into distinct areas with unique charms and atmospheres.


Kanagawa is a coastal prefecture bordered by Tokyo to the north, Shizuoka and Yamanashi to the west, and Sagami and Tokyo Bay to the south. To the east is Kanagawa's capital city Yokohama, home to a large Chinatown that is lined with food stalls and restaurants.


Saitama is a landlocked prefecture located just northwest of Tokyo. Known as a satellite city to Tokyo, most of the population lives near the southeastern area of Saitama for easy access to the capital.


Located to the east of Tokyo, the size of Chiba is larger than Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture combined. Each region in Chiba has distinct characteristics and is well-balanced in agriculture, fishery, industry, and commerce.


Hyogo is located in the western part of the Kinki region in Honshu. Its north region faces the Sea of Japan, while the south region faces the Seto Inland Sea. The area is conveniently surrounded by Kyoto, Osaka, Tottori, and Okayama prefectures.