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Kumamoto Living Guide

Kumamoto prefecture is one of the prefectures located in the central western part of Kyushu.

It is bordered on the northeast by Oita Prefecture, on the southeast by Miyazaki Prefecture, on the southwest by Kagoshima Prefecture, on the northwest by Fukuoka Prefecture. It also faces  the Ariake Sea and the Yatsushiro Sea. Kumamoto City is the prefectural capital.

Kumamoto is known as one of the largest agricultural prefectures in Japan. The fishery industry is also flourishing.

Kumamoto is a popular tourist destination as well. There are many famous historic sites and scenic spots, including Kumamoto Castle, one of Japan's three most famous castles, Mount Aso, Suizenji Seishuen, the Amakusa Islands, and the Amakusa Five Bridges.

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