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Shizuoka Prefecture is located in the southeastern part of the Chubu region. The prefectural capital is Shizuoka-shi. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Suruga Bay to the south, Kanagawa and Yamanashi Prefectures to the northeast, Aichi Prefecture to the west, and Nagano.

Due to the Pacific Ocean climate and the mountainous terrain in the northern part of the prefecture, the climate is relatively mild throughout the year, and snowfall is rare, especially in the coastal areas. However, the Enshu region experiences very strong dry winds in the winter and extreme heat in the inland areas in the summer, which is rare in Japan.

The prefecture is known as an industrial prefecture, producing many plastic models, motorcycles, musical instruments, paper, etc., but it is also a prosperous agricultural prefecture. In particular, the prefecture's land area produces a large amount of tea, which has the largest market share in Japan.

As for tourism, it is famous for its World Cultural Heritage sites such as Mount Fuji, Miho-no-Matsubara, and Fuji Sengen Shrine.


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