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Tap Water in Japan : Is It Safe to Drink?

Japan has plenty of water resources, and you can have pure water just twisting the tap. The majority of Japanese people drink tap water straight from the faucet or use it for cooking. Many foreign residents / tourists know that the water is pure and safe.

The Reason Why Japanese Tap Water is Safe

River water and rains pass through a water purification plant and into the residential water supply as clean and drinkable water. Impurities like sand and soil are removed from the water at the water purification plant, and chlorine is used to sterilize bacteria that are dangerous to humans. The Waterworks Law regulates 51 different types of water safety inspections.

For Those Who Concerned About the Quality of Drinking Water

The water quality in Japan is maintained, and it is said that there is no problem for the human body unless a large amount of chlorine is ingested; however, these things listed below may cause a chlorine odor or a metallic odor.

・ Residual chlorine, residual trihalomethane
・ Deterioration of water tanks of an apartment etc.
・ When old water pipes are used

It depends on the region whether tap water tastes good or not, and it is commonly said that water tastes better in areas where nature abounds. If you are concerned about the odor, taste, and health effects of tap water, you may consider installing a water purifier or using mineral water.

Water Purifiers

There are faucet installation type that attaches to the faucet of the water supply, and pot type that fits in the refrigerator. You can purchase it at Amazon or home improvement stores.

There are two types of water purifiers: one that attaches to the water supply faucet and the other that you can keep in the refrigerator. It's available on Amazon and DIY stores.



Water Dispensers

Water servers can also be used for cooking, drinking, and other purposes. You can either purchase or rent them.


English-Speaking Water Dispenser Service (for areas around Tokyo)

Crystal Clear Waters

Bottled Water

We also recommend great-quality Japanese water from various regions. You can find many types of bottled water online or at any supermarkets.