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Minimizing Food Loss: Finding Supermarkets in Japan that Sell Expired (Expiring) Food

Japan is one of the world's leading countries in food loss. Expressing "equivalent to every citizen throwing away one bowl of rice every day" is an effective way to convey the magnitude of the problem in a concrete manner. This level of food loss signifies a significant waste of food resources and imposes a substantial burden on the environment. In order for people to take action against food loss, this article introduces supermarkets that are actively reducing food loss.

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Supermarkets actively engaged in food loss reduction efforts

The expiration date indicates that the product should be consumed before a certain date, and selling expired products is not allowed. On the other hand, the best-before date refers to the period during which the product is expected to maintain its quality and taste. The best-before date does not necessarily indicate any safety concerns, which means that it is possible to sell products even after their best-before date has passed.

These supermarkets and online shops are actively involved in reducing food loss by offering discounted products, collaborating with producers, and focusing on the utilization of imperfect or surplus food items. Through these initiatives, they contribute to building a more sustainable and waste-conscious food system.

Some supermarkets even offer items with a 90% discount. It's definitely worth taking a look and seeing what they have to offer. Please note that their websites are available in Japanese only.


Ecoeat is a food waste reduction shop that purchases or collects discarded beverages and food items. They selectively display only the products that are safe and delicious to consume, regardless of their remaining best-before dates. Their shops are located in several prefectures in Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Okinawa and more.

Eco Marche

Eco Marche aims to reduce food loss through what is commonly known as "redistribution" by collecting and selling food items that are still edible but are at risk of being discarded for various reasons. The goal is to ensure that as many consumers as possible have the opportunity to consume these food products. Located in Tokyo.


Maruyasu offers "imminent expiration date products" and "excess inventory products" at greatly discounted prices, based on the principle of "mottainai" or minimizing waste. Located in Tokyo and Saitama.

Super Miraberu

Super Mirableru is also a supermarket that is committed to reducing food loss. It is a chain of supermarkets located in Tokyo with a strong focus on addressing food waste. 

Thank you Mart

Thank you Mart takes food loss seriously and deals with products that are past their best-before dates or nearing expiration. There is no official website available. The stores are located in Tokyo (Koiwa) and Chiba (Okubo), (Usui).

Kuradashi (webshop)

Kuradashi is an online store specializes in handling products with imminent expiration dates. Kuradashi has incorporated a system where a portion of the sales is donated to support social contribution activities.

Mottainai (webshop / retail shop)

Mottainai sells discounted products that include items that have expired their best before date, are nearing their best before date, are out of season, or have undergone packaging changes. These products may also include clearance items that have been stored in our warehouse for a long time. The best before date indicates the period in which the product is at its best quality, but even after the date has passed, most items can still be consumed safely. They even have products that have expired more than 10 years ago! While some products may have significantly exceeded their best before date, their staff members conduct taste tests and only sell those items that are deemed edible. They have both an online shop and a physical store located in Osaka.