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What is “CARPET TILE”? Where to Use?

This article is contributed by TOLI.


Before 1980, “Carpet” meant “Broadloom Carpet”. It was used in office, commercial, hotel, airport, residence, and so forth. Broadloom carpet was very well received because of its advantages;

- Warm

- Comfort when walk, sit, lie down

- Sound insulation

- Having good indoor air quality as it can trap dust

- Shock absorption in case of fall

- Various design and luxurious feel


However, it has disadvantages as well;

- Difficult to replace partially in case of damage

- Complexity of installation

- Transportation difficulties due to heavy weight

- More storage space needed

From 1980’s, “Carpet Tile” began to spread in Europe, USA and Japan. Office automation triggered the change of office design. Desktops needed many cables to connect with socket, printer, internet etc. Employees sometimes accidentally stumbled and stepped on cables and cut power/internet connections. Raised floor was useful to conceal cables and carpet tile was a good material to install on raised floor. It is easier to install, replace and maintain.

This means that Carpet Tile has been able to solve the disadvantage of broadloom carpet.

Actually, design of carpet tile was not so design oriented compared to broadloom carpet in the past. But it has gradually improved with advanced technology.

The market of carpet tile has been expanding from office to other various segments.


In 1960s-1970s, many Japanese residence used broadloom carpet for all areas except Tatami room. After that, wooden flooring was mainly used in residential segment and market of broadloom carpet in Japan shrunk. Even in such a situation, the demand to use broadloom carpet and rug mat on the wooden flooring had remained.

After carpet tile was “invented” in 1980s, TOLI developed carpet tile for residence in 1990’s. This product can be installed on the wooden flooring without any adhesive. It is very useful as it would not damage the wooden floor and it is very easy to replace.

Now, this carpet tile is in the market named “Fabric Floor”. You can easily coordinate them. Create your own unique interior space!


Easy to install and maintain, High quality, with shock absorption, Gentle and comfortable


Pet friendly


Kids friendly

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