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Lost and Found in Japan - How to Find Lost Items

If you lose something in Japan, there is a good chance that you can get it back. In Japan, a large number of lost items, including wallets with cash and smart phones, are turned in to police and many of them are returned to the owners. This is due to the fact that there is a very good system for tracking lost items and Japanese people are honest in reporting lost items . This article will guide you through the procedures to follow when you lose something in Japan.

Where Did You Lose It?

Depending on where you left your belongings, the site to contact will change. First, try to calm down and recall where you lost it. You can also follow the steps on National Police Agency's website. If you have lost your phone, read this article to find out what to do.

If you have lost your cash card (bank card), credit card, or phone, contact your credit card issuer or phone company as soon as possible to prevent it from being misused.

Visa Contact Info

Customer Support

American Express
American Expree Lost or Stolen Cards

Diners Club
0120-074-024 or call collect at 1-514-881-3735
Lost or Stolen Cards

Customer Service

If you lost it at a Store of Facilities (such as a hotel, school, station)

Contact the facility or stores directly if they have your belongings turned in.

If they do not have them, please contact the police and submit a Lost Property Report.

If you lost it in a Taxi

If you remember the taxi company you used, please contact them. If you do not know the name of the company, please contact the police and submit a Lost Property Report.

Tip: In Japan, when you get off a taxi the driver asks you if you would like to have a receipt. On the receipt you can find the contact information of the taxi company, so it is recommendable to make a habit of getting receipts whenever you ride a taxi.

If you do not remember where you have lost it

First of all, please contact the police and submit a Lost Property Report.

Then submit a report in order to contact you when the missing property is found. When the police get a report of missing property, they will cross-reference the Lost Property Report on the system. Please not that property lost at home, at work, or when traveling outside of Japan is not covered.

For further details about the Lost Property Report, please visit National Police Agency's website. You can find all information in English.

If you realize you forgot something after departing from Japan

Even if you realize you've forgotten something after departing from Japan, there is a convenient service available.

Liberte LLC provides a service that sends forgotten items back to you internationally. For instance, if you have left something behind at a restaurant or hotel but they do not offer international shipping, or if you know where you left the item but cannot contact them etc.

By paying the shipping fee and a service charge, you can have your belongings sent to your home country after returning. Estimates are provided free of charge, so if you realize you've forgotten something important after leaving Japan, why not consider reaching out to them?

If You Found Someone's Lost Item

If you found someone's lost item at a store, station or other facilities, please turn it in to the facility manager. If you found it at other places, please turn it to police. Here is how to do it.

Japan's Amazing Lost and Found

BBC has made a very interesting coverage about Japanese Lost and Found.

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