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Cost of Living in Japan

Are you wondering the monthly living cost in Japan?  As prices have been rising significantly in many countries, the situation in Japan is equivalent. In this article, you will find the Consumer Price Index, monthly expenses for households, and retail prices including food, basic mobile phone tariff, gasoline and electric appliances in Japan. It may be interesting to convert various prices into your home currency and compare if living in Japan is more expensive or cheaper than your country.

Consumer Prices Index (August 2023)

Below is the consumer price index for Japan, with the year 2020 as the base year of 100.

・Composite Index: 105.9 (2020 = 100)

・Year-on-Year: +3.2%

・Month-on-Month: +0.2%

Data source: Ministry of internal affairs and communications

Monthly Expenses for Households of 2 or More Persons (July 2023)

Food ¥87,528 (+5.8%)
Utility Charges ¥17,911 (-6.7%)
Health and Medical Care ¥14,324 (-5.5%)

July 2023, Ministry of internal affairs and communications, ( )=percentage change over the year

Retail Prices in Japan (August 2023)

Below are prices for most common items. They are the average of cities with prefectural capitals and cities with a population of 150,000 or more (data source: Portal site of statistics of Japan).

Food and Drinks (supermarket)

Rice (1kg) ¥2,206
Loaf of White Bread (500g) ¥256
Cereal (1kg) ¥1,062
Milk (1L) ¥251
Yoghurt (1pack = 400g) ¥181
Eggs (10) ¥307
Chocolate (100g) ¥246
Carrots (1kg) ¥458
Onions (1kg) ¥296
Potatoes (1kg) ¥429
Tomatoes (1kg) ¥654
Bananas (1kg) ¥328
Apples (Fuji or Tsugaru, 1Kg) ¥923
Kiwis (1kg) ¥1,033
Oranges (1kg) ¥654
Salmon (1kg) ¥5,000
Tuna (1kg) ¥4,796
Beer (350ml x 6cans) ¥1,174
Coke (1L) ¥228
Sake (1bottle = 2L) ¥1,056
Water (1bottle = 2L) ¥111
Whiskey (1bottle = 700ml) ¥1,776


Food and Drinks (restaurant)

Beer (500ml) ¥635
Coffee ¥459
Cheese Burger ¥239
Ramen (1 portion) ¥651
Soba (1 portion) ¥683
Spaghetti Bolognese (1 portion) ¥799
Sushi (Nigiri-zushi, standard size, 1 portion) ¥1,396
Delivery Pizza (25cm) ¥2,508



Basic Mobile Phone Tariff (monthly) ¥5,668
Mobile Phone  ¥139,990
Internet Connection Fee (monthly) ¥5,061
Fitness Center (monthly) ¥10,477
Taxi (average cost per ride for 4 km) ¥1,608
Car (standard Japanese car) ¥3,751,535
Car (standard imported car) ¥5,595,407
Gasoline (1L) ¥183
Refrigerator (with freezer, 451-500L, 5-6 doors) ¥270,108
Washing Machine ¥124,888
Washer and Electric Dryer Combo ¥271,827
Toilet Paper (12 rolls) ¥794
Hair Cutting and Styling (incl. shaving and shampooing - man) ¥3,683
Hair Cutting and Styling (short hair - woman) ¥3,685
Hair Coloring (incl. shampooing and styling, short hair - woman) ¥6,242

For other items, see Retail Price Survey by Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Japanese).

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