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Animal Shelters and Nonprofit Organizations around Tokyo

Many people wishing to own pets may prefer not to purchase or adopt them from pet stores due to controversy surrounding their operation. There are many dogs and cats that have been rescued in Japan. Most of the animals have been that have either been surrendered, abused, neglected, or abandoned by their owners and are in desperate need of a new and loving happy home.

Animal rescue organizations and Nonprofit organizations throughout Japan are working tirelessly to rescue and protect animals. They are also doing their best to find new homes for the rescued animals.

Listed below are English-Speaking animal shelters and nonprofit organizations.

If you speak Japanese or have a Japanese speaking friend or family member that can help and would like to adopt dogs or cats, there are many more animal shelters in Japan to choose from.

You can use your favorite search engine to search in Japanese with the words “ペット 里親”.

English Speaking Animal Shelters and NPO around Tokyo

NPO Sala Network

NPO Sala Network has been trying to save as many animals as they can. You can also adopt dogs and cats through them as well.

A: 4-8-12 Koremasa, Fuchu, Tokyo
T: 042-362-3400

Japan Cat Network

The Japan Cat Network is an animal welfare group helping abandoned animals. They are based in Fukushima.

A: 3285-1 Nozukegami, Osada-aza, Oo-aza, Inawashiromachi, Yama-gun, Fukushima
T: 070-4357-7460

ARK Tokyo

Animal Refuge Kansai is based in Osaka but they also have an office in Tokyo. 

T: 050-1557-2763

Animal Shelters (Japanese)

While these sites are in Japanese, they have a wider selection than the English-speaking ones above. If you do not speak Japanese, ask a friend or family member for assitanse when contacting them. For reading the website, Google translate should be sufficient to do the heavy lifting.

Pet no Ouchi

Pet no Ouchi (pet's house) is one of the biggest animal rescue websites in Japan. They are also looking for new owners for small animals such as fish, rabbits, birds etc.

* For those looking to save an animal from being euthanized, you can find a list of rescued dogs and cats in shelters and the dates they will be put to sleep. Not for the faint of heart.


Dog Shelter

Dog Shelter rescues dogs which are about to put to sleep in shelters in Tokyo.

T: 080-6791-1423


Chibawan is based in Kanto area (Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Siatama) and rescues dogs from shelters around the area.



KDP (Kanagawa Dog Protection) rescues dogs from shelters in Kanagawa.