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10 Best Japanese Electric Appliances and Gadgets for Your Home

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Japan's wonderful home appliances and unique gadgets are very popular with people from abroad. Here we introduce the latest recommended home appliances and gadgets that are practical or fun to have at home. 

Best Japanese Home Appliances

1. Thanko Rice Cooker Lunchbox

It looks like a standard lunch box, but this is actually a rice cooker! All you have to do is put in the rice, water and turn it on, wait for 14 minutes, then you can eat freshly cooked rice anywhere. Other simple dishes can also be prepared, making it convenient to use also at home. You can purchase online. Watch the video to see how easy it is to cook rice with this lunchbox.

2. Temp Pan

Temp Pan is a new type of frying pan that allows cooking by "temperature" rather than heat.The temperature is measured by the sensor built into the cooking surface and displayed in real-time in 1°C increments on the temperature display panel on the handle. 

3. Nonbe Yokocho Electric Sake Warmer

This Electric Sake Warmer warms up tokkuri and cups of sake directly in a hot water so that the original taste of sake can be kept. Keeps sake tasty while warming up on the table. The temperature can be set freely according to the type of sake (35-59°C), drinking style and meal.

4. Zojirushi 10-cup Coffee Maker

Zojirushi 10-cup coffee maker with a stainless steel container.  The brewed coffee is kept warm in the stainless steel server with a vacuum bottle structure, without the use of a heater. The coffee is not boiled down over time and retains the freshly brewed taste and aroma. Furthermore, the stainless steel construction prevents condensation, making it suitable for iced coffee. 

5. Panasonic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Panasonic Robot Vacuum Cleaner enables accurate recognition of the layout of the house, and even removes dust where it has been missed out. Newly equipped active lift easily overcomes uneven surfaces such as rugs and mats that could not be overcome before. The unit lifts up to 2.5 cm and runs smoothly over them. Cleans up to the edges while avoiding furniture and other objects. The machine detects and avoids obstacles up to approximately 2 cm in width.

6. Panasonic Clothes Steamer

This steamer can be used with clothes on hangers. The speedy start-up time of approx. 19 seconds makes it convenient even when you are busy. This can be used as an iron and also deodorizes.

7. Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier

Sharp Humidifying Air Purifier is equipped with Sharp's unique air purification technology. Plasmacluster air purifiers firmly inhibit the adhesion of pollen allergens that cannot be removed by the filter. Three filters ensure effective deodorization and dust collection. Plenty of humidification during the dry season. The handle makes it easy to hold, and the tank can be stood up when supplying water, making it easy to supply water and tighten the cap. The wide-mouthed cap allows you to reach deep into the tank to wash it.

8. Sharp HEALSIO Steam Oven Range


Sharp Healsio bakes with just water from start to finish. The water oven Healsio is the only home oven that can do this. Whether you have a large or small amount of food, you can simply put frozen, chilled or room temperature food together From high to low temperatures, the cooking temperature is automatically adjusted to your preference. It is also easy to clean with the power of steam.

9. Sony 75V-inch LCD TV BRAVIA

Sony 75V-inch LCD TV BRAVIA is equipped with the X-Balanced Speaker, which features a diaphragm shaped to reduce sound distortion. Delivers clear sound quality and powerful bass. Hands-free operation and search for TV power and volume controls by talking directly to the TV. In combination with Amazon Alexa-powered devices such as the Amazon Echo series, you can control the TV's volume control, power on/off, channel switching and more.

10. Hitachi Futon Dryer


Hitachi futon dryer can be used to dry both sides of futons. Dust mite prevention course is practical for year-round care of futons / bed linen. Aromatic and deodorizing for futons that tend to be damp with perspiration. Simply attach the futon drying attachment to the hose and set it between the futon to easily dry, warm and mite-proof the futon. 

It can be carried and used for a variety of futons throughout the house. From baby size to double size, it can be placed freely vertically and horizontally, so you can leave all the futons in the house to this one machine. The Shoe/Boot Drying Attachment can also be used to dry shoes and boots that have been wet from rain or washing. Athletic shoes and upper boots can be dried with warm air, while leather, synthetic leather and vinyl shoes can be dried with air.


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