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Highly Rated Japanese Kitchen Items / Gadgets

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There are a variety of products and gadgets available in Japan, and we would like to introduce our recommendations for use in the kitchen. We have collected a variety of items, from those for daily use to those that are appreciated as souvenirs or gifts.

Made-in-Japan Kitchen Items

These are all made-in-Japan products. They are great to use at home however, they may be a great gift as well.

1. Murato Knives (set of 3)

The Murato series is made by Tsubame-Sanjo craftsmen for people who enjoy cooking, focusing on "ease of use" and "sharpness". All stainless steel knives that are sharp and fit the hand. This is a set of three knives, but you can also choose one individually. We also recommend scissors of the same series.

2. Nagomi Knife (Mitsuboshi Cutlery)

This is a kitchen knife for daily-use. Mitsuboshi Cutlery has a history of over 140 years in Seki, one of the world's three major production centers of cutlery. The "Wa NAGOMI" brand of Mitsuboshi Cutlery has been recognized as an attractive regional brand.

3. Cutting Board from Mutsuboshi Cutlery

Same as above, this is from Mitsuboshi Cutlery. This cutting board is made of hinoki, and gentle to the blade, keeps the sharpness of the knife. Moreover, the hinoki is excellent in the antibacterial action, and it is characteristic that the cooking can be done pleasantly with the unique fragrance of the hinoki.

3. Japanese Peeler

A peeler is a must item for cooking. Made in Japan, this peeler boasts precision craftsmanship.

4. Kitchen Imabari Towels (set of 4)

If you have used Imabari towels before, you understand this quality. They can be used not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom as a hand towel.

5. Kyocera's Slicer

This is a product of Kyocera, the world's number one in ceramic technology. A thin slicer, a spiral slicer, and a grating plate are all in one. Because it is made of ceramic, it does not get rusty.

6. Sori Yanagi's Kitche Tools (set of 3)

The history of Sori Yanagi's kitchen products began with cutlery in 1974. His pursuit of "design that can be practical" is one of the reasons why his products are still loved and used today.

7. Noda Horo's Casserole

Noda Horo has been dedicating to enamel manufacturing for more than 80 years since our establishment in 1934. It is the only company in Japan that performs all processes of steel plate enamel production in its own factory. The simple, practical, and functional products are loved by many cooking professionals and people of all ages.

Other High-Rated Kitchen Products

These are also very practical to use in the kitchen.

8. Kaijirushi Peeler

Kaijirushi is a Japanese brand and although it is not made in Japan, the high quality is well kept. This stainless steel peeler with a diagonal blade has a light, thin cut that glides over the surface of vegetables.

9. Panasonic Toaster

This Panasonic's Toaster can be used for making 4 slices of toast in once. Easy to bake a pizza as well. Equipped with a 30-minute timer for long-time cooking such as baked sweet potatoes.

10. Zojirushi Rice Cooker

This Zojirushi's rice cooker has IH (which brings out the umami flavor and makes the rice fluffy to the core) and suitable for both white and brown rice.

11. Staub Cooking Pot

World famous Staub's cooking pot from Francde. It is very useful for daily use such as stewing, baking, simmering and stir-frying. The self-basting system ensures that the original flavor of the food is preserved. Usable with IH cooking heater, gas and in the oven.

12. Thermos Shuttle Chef

Thermos shuttle chef has high heat-retention effect which allows cooking to maintain a higher temperature for a long time. Its keep-warm cooking saves time and energy, and brings out the best flavor of the ingredients. Usable with IH cooking heater (IH200V compatible), gas, electric plate, halogen heater, sheath heater.