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Japan's Plus-Size Clothing for Women

Anyone who has spent time in Japan understands how difficult it is to locate clothes stores that sell their size. One typical initial thought is to just purchase from an internet retailer located outside of Japan. However, it may soon become inconvenient because to customs and import fees, shipping, and the trouble of international returns. There are ways to locate your size in Japan, so let's take a look.

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Large Size Clothing for Women in Japan

In the United States, a lady of 5'8 (173 cm) can buy a small or medium size, however in Japan, she may need to buy a large size (and XL or XXL in shoes). Options in Japan are much more limited for people who are larger than a medium in the United States.

The Sizing of Clothes in Japan

While there are some general rules to follow when shopping for items in your size, garment sizing varies by retailer. It's advisable to utilize the store's size chart as a guide. Because size varies by merchant and manufacturer, try on the item if at all feasible.

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Large Size Clothing Stores in Japan for Women

Casual Brand Stores

Uniqlo (Japanese site) and GU are household names in Japan (Japanese site). Both businesses sell reasonably priced in a variety of sizes (up to 3XL for women and 4XL for men). 

However, most people want a bit more choice than Uniqlo or GU offers, so Shimamura (Japanese site) is a chain store that provides plus sizes (or queen sizes, as they call them) as well as shoes that are longer than 25 cm. The clothing are simple, but if you're in a hurry, they'll suffice. Plus-size and tall-size clothing are occasionally available at Japanese department stores.

Department Stores

Isetan offers tall and large sizes online and in their Clover shops, with sizes ranging from 19 (US size 16) to Clover (Japanese site) with sizes ranging from 27. (U.S. 24). For individuals who are taller than 166 cm, there is also a tall shop. Some Marui stores feature a section named 01Model (Japanese site), which sells clothing for ladies over 166 cm tall and up to size 23 (US 20), as well as shoes up to size 26.5 cm. These department store companies, of course, provide higher-quality merchandise than retailers like Uniqlo.

Independent Japanese Large-Sized Brands

Re-J, a plus-size company having physical shops around Japan as well as an online store (Japanese site) offering sizes up to 5L, is another option.

eur3, which sells lovely clothing in sizes up to a 19, is another wonderful company (U.S. 16). They have physical stores, one of which is located in Shinjuku Marui, as well as an online store (Japanese site). It's best to try on garments before buying them because the fit could still be tailored toward Japanese rather than Western dimensions.

Western Brands Stores

Of course, you may shop at GAP, Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 stores, which can be found in most Japanese urban cities. In principle, their sizes are equivalent to those of their Western counterparts. Shirt sizes are slightly smaller than in the United States, but the fit is superior. L.L. Bean also has actual stores that provide practical, high-quality clothing in Western sizes. Even in Japan, you can find American Eagle stores in Japan and online that sell their Aerie brand of bras and underwear. If you find Japanese underwear to be excessively frilly and padded, they are ideal.

Plus Size Japanese Brands Online

Amazon Japan has large ranges of women's clothes. (Japanese site) is a prominent online retailer that sells beautiful work clothing. Plus and tall sizes, as well as big size shoes, are available on the site. SmileLand (Japanese site) is their plus-size line, which comes in sizes L to 10L and up to a 154 cm waist. They now carry a selection from OLIVE des OLIVE, a fashionable brand. Large-size bras (up to I-cup with 130 cm band) and shoes are also available (up to 27 cm). Slattgir is their tall size brand, which caters to ladies standing between 164 and 178 cm tall. (Japanese site) is another Japanese online retailer that sells plus-size clothing up to 10L in a variety of styles. Shoes up to 27 cm are also available, however styles are restricted.

Western Online Stores that Deliver to Japan

You may, of course, purchase from Western internet retailers that ship internationally. To avoid large importation taxes, just keep an eye on delivery charges and avoid ordering anything containing leather. Although it might be pricey, is a fantastic place to shop for high-quality, fashionable clothing in plus (and standard) sizes. They have sizes ranging from XS to 4X (US sizes 00–30). offers fashionable clothing and low-cost worldwide delivery; shipping is free on orders above £20.00 and only £3.00 otherwise. Their sizes vary from 00 to 24 in the United States. is a lingerie and swimwear website headquartered in the United Kingdom, but they also offer a clothing brand called Pepperberry that has shirts and skirts that are meant to fit over bustier chests without gaping or tugging. This is an essential for people working in Japan, as even a tiny amount of cleavage may attract a lot of attention. Only £7.95 for international shipping.

If You Are Looking for Shoes

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