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Japanese Beauty Gadgets - 16 Popular Electric Beauty Appliances

Japan is home to a wide variety of gadgets, but many beauty appliances are also produced every year. Some can be used abroad and are popular as souvenirs for foreigners. The following is a list of the most popular beauty appliances currently available in Japan, divided into face, body, and hair categories.

Japanese Beauty Appliances for Face and Body

The following are beauty appliances designed to improve skin texture and tone, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lift the skin, and slim the body. Click the image(s) to see details or purchase the products online. 

1. Panasonic Mask-Type Ionic Facial Mask

You can simply put on this Panasonic Facial Mask your face and it moisturizes the entire face at once. It allows beauty products to penetrate deep into the skin. Use with your skin care products. The cordless design makes it convenient to use while doing other tasks.


2. YA-MAN EMS Facial Machine - MediLift Plus

A product of YA-MAN, a well-known beauty appliances company. Simply place the EMS Facial Mask on your face and it automatically fits to the area you want to care, it is very easy to use. It is hands-free so you can do other things, such as housework or work while using the face mask. The EMS level, frequency and electrode area have been improved for the muscles to be trained and the muscles to be rested, with more advanced EMS for the muscles of your face. While performing facial muscle lift care, you can also use lotion or sheet masks together to improve hydration, so you can take care of your skin at the same time.

3. YA-MAN Photo PLUS Shiny

YA-MAN Photo Plus Shiny is for deep cleansing, improving facial skin texture and lifting.

4. Panasonic Steamer Nano Care Facial Machine and Warm Kassa

The nano-sized steam from the Panasonic Nano Care Steamer penetrates to the keratinised layer, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and firm. The deep cleansing function can be used to remove make-up. The Kassa is designed with a high degree of adhesion and two temperature settings. It can be used with your skin care products or body lotions.

5. YA-MAN Beauty Roller WAVY

YA-MAN Beauty Roller WAVY can be used for both your face and body. The EMS stimulates deep muscles and helps to lift the face and body.

6. TBC Heat Cavi Shape

Beauty salon, TBC's body shaping course concept, a combined beauty machine for home use. The aim is to achieve a toned and beautiful body line. Heat Cavi Shape is a home-use combined beauty machine that can simultaneously perform cavitation, EMS, RF (radio frequency) and LED. You can also use it for your face.

7. YA-MAN Body Beauty Equipment Mysé Deep Core

Simply apply the Myse Deep Core to your body or face and the specially shaped rollers rotate in 3D to provide total care with three techniques: squeezing out, twisting and draining. This machine is also usable for face. 

8. Medical Total Body Care MYTREX REBIVE

MYTREX Revive releases tight muscles and adhered fascia that cause stiffness and pain. It relaxes muscle stiffness, relieves muscle fatigue, relieves neuralgia and muscle pain, stimulates blood circulation, and relieves fatigue. As a massage device with medical device certification, it is permitted to be used as a substitute for massage (for use in the home) and to indicate its effectiveness.

Japanese Beauty Appliances for Head/Hair

Below are scalp and hair care beauty appliances.

1. YA-MAN Electric Scalp Brush Mysé

The YA-MAN's MYSE series has sold over 1 million units in total. Mysé Electric Scalp Brush lifts the head and face by lifting the scalp and also deeply cleans the scalp.


With MYTREX EMS Head SPa, you can experience the completely new head spa with the double stimulation of " massage and EMS". This equipment can be used not only on the scalp, but also on the face and body, and can achieve "lift care", "body care" and "scalp care" with just one unit.

3. Panasonic Scalp Esthetic Salon Touch

Panasonic Scalp Care Brush lifts and firs the scalp; two attachments care for the scalp to increase firmness and strength from the roots. This has an AC100-240 V power supply and is overseas compatible.

4. YA-MAN Head Lift Brush mysé Sculpt Lift Active Plus

YA-MAN's Head Lift Brush Mysé has a unique low-frequency EMS that stimulates scalp, face and décolleté. While brushing, the EMS and fine vibrations emitted from the pin-like electrodes care for the head muscles and facial muscles, which tend to become stiff. By using EMS and fine vibrations while brushing, it takes care of the head and facial muscles that tend to become stiff.

5. CARE PRO DEEP Ultrasonic Iron Treatment

CARE PRO DEEP helps the absorption of hair treatment and making hair shiny, resilient and firm. Ultrasonic vibration helps absorption of the treatment into the hair. It is highly compatible with all hair treatments, including commercial products and salon-specific products that you use on a daily basis.

6. Panasonic Nanocare Hair Iron for Straightening

Panasonic Nanocare Hair Iron has instant power to straightening your hair. By evenly distributing heat to the hair, it extends the hair beautifully and keeps it straight until the evening. This has an AC100-240 V power supply and is overseas compatible.

7. Yerman Lift Dryer

For the first time in Ya-Man's history, the Lift Hair Dryer is equipped with a "beauty facial function" and also provides lift care. It turns hair-drying time into a habit of lifting the face, scalp.


8. Panasonic Hair Dryer Nanocare

Panasonic Hair Dryer Nanocare is equipped with high-penetration "nanoe" to give hair amazing moisture and smoothness. With sufficient airflow, it also dries hair quickly. It also prevents the color fading of hair color or grey hair dye and makes hair resistant to UV rays and friction damage. The overseas compatible hair dryer is also available.


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