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Expat Communities in Japan: Popular Social Fitness Groups, Meetups, & More

Moving to a new country is an exciting adventure but can also be isolating and challenging. To make the transition easier, it's essential to surround yourself with supportive communities. One of the best ways to do this is to socialize with others who understand your struggles.

For foreign residents of Japan, this often means connecting with other expats living in Japan. These communities are open to visitors and residents alike, ranging from social groups to hobby-focused gatherings. Whether you're looking for online or in-person communities, these groups are a great way to build a life abroad with support and connection.

Tokyo Life & Socializing Groups

If you're a foreign resident in Tokyo and looking for online groups to connect with others, look no further. These socializing groups offer a wealth of information, advice, and support for life in Japan's bustling capital city.

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Tokyo Expat Network (TEN) on Facebook

With over 30k members, Tokyo Expat Network (TEN) is one of Tokyo's largest communities of foreign residents on Facebook. Despite being online, it has a wealth of helpful advice and ways to deal with day-to-day life issues. The group also has lists of foreigner-friendly businesses and allows anonymous posting. This group is exclusive to residents and focuses mainly on life in Japan rather than travel.

Tokyo (r/Tokyo)

If you're looking for a more specific and detailed discussion of Tokyo, r/Tokyo on Reddit is the place to be. Although it's not tourist-focused, visitors are welcome to participate in discussions and socialize with residents. This subreddit offers a wealth of information on Tokyo's culture, lifestyle, and more.

Residents in Japan (r/japanlife)

With 479k members, Residents in Japan (r/japanlife) is one of the largest Japan-related subreddits. It's exclusively for residents and offers a space for asking and giving advice and information and discussing real life in Japan. The group is moderated strictly to avoid repetitive travel questions, making it an excellent resource for long-term residents seeking specific information. Join the community and get support and answers to your questions about life in Japan.

Language Exchange

Whether living in Japan or just visiting, learning the language is a crucial aspect of daily life. Luckily, numerous language exchange groups offer the perfect opportunity to practice your skills and meet new people.

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Japanese-English Language Exchange on Facebook

With 46k members, Japanese-English Language Exchange on Facebook is an ideal place to connect with language exchange partners and get answers to your questions while studying Japanese. The group offers a great platform to meet and practice Japanese while exchanging English practice.

Welcome Tokyo on Meetup

Suppose you're looking for a more diverse range of language exchange events. In that case, Welcome Tokyo on Meetup is the perfect group to join. With over 50k members across various platforms, Welcome Tokyo has organized hundreds of events, from socializing to cultural and even sports events. Attending a Welcome Tokyo event is a fun way to practice languages and meet new people while experiencing the culture of Japan. It has something for everyone, whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner.

Social Fitness / Sports Groups

Fitness, sports and outdoor activities are great ways to connect with like-minded people and discover new hobbies. If you want to stay active while making new friends in Tokyo, there are plenty of social fitness groups to explore.

Blissminton - Tokyo Badminton Club

Blissminton - Tokyo Badminton Club is a meetup group and organizes badminton sessions in Tokyo. All levels are welcome.

Musashi International Meetup

The Musashi International Meetup group on is about connecting and exploring Tokyo. Their events usually involve light hiking or walking in the city or wider Tokyo area. However, they also have inner-city events that focus on language, culture, and socializing. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or not, this group is a great way to make new friends while experiencing the best of Tokyo.

Odakyu Line Hiking Club

Odakyu Line Hiking Club is a meetup group, began along the Odakyu Line and in the Tanzawa area, but has since expanded to include many activities in Nagano, Okutama, Yamanashi, and other parts of Japan.

Tokyo Beer And Golf Society (T-BAGS)

Tokyo Beer And Golf Society (T-BAGS) is a Facebook group for golf fans in Tokyo. To join the group, you must enjoy beer and golf.

Tokyo Cycling Club

If you're a serious cyclist, the Tokyo Cycling Club is the perfect platform to connect with other cyclists. You can find discussions on everything from cycling equipment to upcoming races. Participating in a race and engaging in the forum can help you make new friends while pursuing your passion.

Tokyo Fun Joggers

Tokyo Fun Joggers is a meetup group of joggers whom like to make international friendships and enjoy jogging.

Tokyo Gaijins

Tokyo Gaijins is a travel and event company specializing in fitness and outdoor activities. They organize various events, from skiing and snowboarding to walking tours and extreme sports. By joining one of their events, you can stay fit while meeting new people and having fun.

Tokyo International Golfers

Tokyo International Golfers is a Facebook group for international and Japanese golf enthusiasts. 

Cultural & Arts-Related Groups

Discover more about Japanese culture or find something familiar with these culture and arts-related groups in Japan.

Board Games and Activities in Tokyo

Board Games and Activities in Tokyo is a meetup group to play board games, card games, and logical thinking games. Occasionally, Igo, Billiards, Cycling, Ping-Pong, Picnic, and Hiking are played.


Experience traditional Japanese culture with Japanize. Their events range from workshops, local festivals, nature walks, and more. Whether new to Japanese culture or looking to connect with like-minded people, Japanize is a great group to join.

Gaijin Eats

If you're craving authentic non-Japanese food, join Gaijin Eats on Facebook. They share restaurant recommendations for international cuisine and hold casual events to meet up. It's a great way to explore the diverse food scene in Japan and connect with others who share your love for non-Japanese cuisine.

Tokyo Comedy Meetup

Laugh and have fun with the Tokyo Comedy Meetup group. They hold weekly comedy nights and open mics in English, providing a unique experience in Japan. This meetup is a great group to join if you're looking for something different from the usual Japanese bars and restaurants. They also have monthly Japanese comedy events for those looking to practice the language.

Find Local Clubs Offline

Are you looking for a local Japanese club or group that shares your hobbies and interests while participating in your community? Try checking out pamphlets and ads at your local ward office or newspapers, bulletin boards in your area, and other offline methods. You can also ask your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances for information on any local groups they might know of. And remember to combine forces and ask on online forums for even more options!

Making Japan Your Home: Finding a Supportive Community

Whether you're a foreign resident or just visiting, finding a supportive community in Japan can be essential for creating a positive and fulfilling experience. From language exchanges to fitness groups and cultural clubs, there are a variety of communities in Japan that can help you connect with others and pursue your interests.

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