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English-speaking Babysitters in Tokyo

If you’re raising children in Japan or will ever be in need of child care, you can find useful information here. There are also many after-school classes are available in Tokyo.

Babysitters in Tokyo

Firstly, Japan does not have a traditional culture of informal babysitting as is common in some parts of the West (especially the USA) where you can pay someone you know to come watch your kids while you’re out for the evening.  That said, it is possible to find babysitters in some online classified sites and occasionally ads in Hiroo. There are also a number of companies that provide English-speaking childcare and nanny services.  We have listed a few below.


Babysitters provides event childcare, overnight babysitting, as well as access to international babysitters that provide an opportunity for young children to be cared for while having natural access to an English speaker.


Carefinder connects parents and babysitters on their matching site. They have connected hundreds of families and sitters in both the expat community and Japanese community. Many of their babysitters are bilingual. The site is in both English and Japanese so it is easier for expat families new to Japan to find a babysitter.

Chez Vous – Housekeeping & Babysitting Service

Chez Vous is a one-stop shop to meet all your domestic needs and provides a variety of services, including housekeeping, childcare, handyman, and house cleaning.

Mamy Tokyo

Mamy Tokyo’s specialty is professional babysitting services, whether you are looking for regular child-care, overnight care or even emergency care, 24/7. They also send out professional cleaners, who can do daily cleaning and tidying up, plus laundry, cooking and grocery shopping. If you want a deep clean of the bathroom or some gardening done, this can be arranged as an extra service.

Poppins – Nanny Service​​

Poppins provides in-home baby-sitting and nanny services, daycare, and elderly care across the Kanto and Kansai regions as well as in Hawaii.

Learning Tips for Enrolling in Japanese Daycare

Japan has a well-developed daycare system. The Japanese word for a daycare center is “hoikuen”. There are both public and private daycare centers all across Tokyo.  Unfortunately, for the most part, they are not English-speaking, so enrolling in them can be challenging. See the below links for some tips on enrolling in Japanese daycare.

My experience applying for a Japanese Public Daycare