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What is Japan My Number Card?

In Japan, each citizen has a unique number (called My Number). We would like to introduce you Japan My Number system, particularly for mid- and long-term foreign residents in Japan. All registered inhabitants with a residence record at a municipal office will be given a My Number. Mid-to-long-term foreign residents and Special Permanent Residents are regarded registered residents and will acquire their individual "My Numbers" as a result.

If you would like to know how to register your address in Japan, please read Registering or Changing Your Address in Japan and Japan’s Residency Management System for Foreign Nationals

What is the My Number System?

The "Social Security and Tax Number System," often known as "My Number," gives all registered residents in Japan with a single 12-digit numerical number. The number has the ability to link and combine personal information from several agencies under the identity of the person to whom it belongs.

Notification Letter and Individual Number Card

What is a Notification letter?

You will receive a notification by mail. If you miss the delivery, the postman will leave you a delivery notification. If you do not contact the post office within one week, the letter will be forwarded back to the municipal office, where you will be forced to pick it up. Please notify the post office if you discover the Delivery Notice.

Above is an example image of the Notification Letter you will receive. On the top of the letter you can see your My Number (個人番号), Your Name (氏名), Date of Birth(生年月日). By using the QR code on the letter, you can apply for your My Number Card online (via a smartphone or a tablet). You can also apply via mail by filling the form (example below) which is enclosed together with the notification, and send them back in the envelop which you also will find in the letter.

For further details, please visit the official website (English)

Getting a "My Number" Card

After you've gone to your local ward office to register your address, you'll be given a "My Number" number. If you need the number, ask the person who is assisting you and they will write it down for you. A notification card will come at your home after some time, together with an application and an extra envelope. Your "My Number" information will be printed on the notification card.

Your "My Number" card is covered by the application that came with the notification card. Following the submission of your application, you will receive another notice in the mail informing you that your "My Number" card has been completed and is ready for pickup.

For further details regarding the application method and how to receive the card, please see the web-page below:

What can a "My Number" Card do?

  1. Act as a document which certifying one's Individual Number
  2. Act as official identification card for identity verification
  3. Act as identification for on-line applications for various administrative procedures
  4. Act as a seal registration card, a library card, a health insurance card, and as a multi-purpose card for a wide range of public services (*)
  5. Used for various private on-line transactions
  6. Used for obtaining various certificates at convenience stores, etc. (*)

*Because the services are different depending on municipality, please contact your local municipal office for more details.

Website Links for English guidance provided by public institutions

J-LIS: Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems

Web-page exclusively for My Number System :