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Catching A Taxi in Tokyo: Everything you Need to Know

Despite how convenient the train system is, there will be times when you will need to take a taxi in Tokyo. While taking a cab long distances will still cost you significantly more than other modes of public transportation, you can almost always expect a comfortable and safe ride with a well-dressed driver and a clean car. Here are some basic facts about the Tokyo taxi system that you should know before you take one. Please read this article to learn how to catch a taxi in Japan.

Tokyo Taxi Apps

Taxis in Tokyo are ubiquitous, but for those rare times when there’s not a taxi in sight, simply download a taxi app. Registration is generally quick and easy. Remember to enable the GPS function on your smartphone so you can be located.

Uber is not the most popular taxi service in Japan however, they are available in certain areas and are expanding the territories (Tokyo, Yokohama, Sendai, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Fukuoka etc.). You can find where Uber is available on Uber's website.


Go covers more than 100,000 taxis covering all 47 prefectures of Japan. This is the ultimate taxi app. You can make a reservation, find fare easily.


As mentioned above, Uber has been expanding their territories in Japan. There are no Uber X yet in Japan due to the law. In Tokyo you can choose either Uber Black or Black Van which are luxury taxis. Uber in Japan cannot hire drivers individually, they work together with other Taxi companies. Therefore the system (and the price compared to other taxis) are slightly different than Uber in other countries.


Taxi Reservations by Phone

If you prefer calling for your taxi and speaking to an operator rather than using an app, Nihon Kotsu, Kokusai Motocars, and Hello Tokyo are three Japanese taxi companies with English operators available.

Nihon Kotsu

Reservation: 03-5755-2336
24hours, 365 days on line in English

Kokusai Motorcars

Reservation: 03-3505-6001
An English-speaking operator available on request.

Tokyo Taxi Fare

- Fares for taxis in Tokyo start at ¥500 for the first 1,096m

- Fares between 22:00-5:00 are generally 20% more

- Most taxi companies accept various forms of payment, including cash, online payments, electronic money, credit cards, and taxi vouchers.