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How online learning is revolutionizing education

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Online learning can no longer be ignored, but what is it? And what will it mean for our children?

The use of digital technology for education is not a new concept. Over the past decade, many classrooms in Japan have already incorporated tablets and laptops as supplementary (if not mandatory) devices. It has allowed students to seamlessly submit assignments and check tasks and materials for their courses with just the click of a button.

But when COVID-19 enforced the need for social distancing, the pandemic became a catalyst, forcing schools to adapt at a sink-or-swim pace for long distance learning. Currently, from primary schools to university, curriculum has largely shifted online.

However, this introduces a modern set of challenges that leaves students and families scratching their heads.

A shift away from the physical classroom has created a new obstacle between teachers connecting with large groups of kids. Parents complain about their children being disengaged with their school curriculum, often distracted with their digital devices- contradicting what digital learning offers.

With a rapidly changing digital environment, students may even find themselves more adept at using technology than their traditional senior educators.

This leaves many parents worried, wondering if children are really making the most of their time. But is this just a case of forcing square pegs into round holes?

Not just a digital lecture

Combined with the modern needs of students to become technologically aware and globally minded individuals, online EdTech services are a logical solution for kids to take advantage of.

According to estimates, the global revenue for EdTech companies reached US$40 billion in 2020, and the space is growing rapidly, with many investors jumping on the opportunity.

EdTech tutoring services are now offering innovative and engaging classes where feedback of students is data driven, and solutions personalized, rather than the suboptimal one-size fits all approach as with traditional classroom learning.

Not only are resources readily available on demand, educational materials such as apps, can now be tactile-responsive, audible, interactive, immersive, shareable and daresay fun when compared to conventional textbooks.

Along with tutoring in preparation for university entrance exams, students are also now able to select content and courses not available at their local schools. For instance, entrepreneurship and passion project programs are proving popular, providing kids with 21st century skills that aren’t taught in the classroom. EdTech services are giving a chance for kids for holistic learning beyond academics. 

Since the internet has broken geographical limitations, the EdTech industry is now offering students the chance to connect with top tutors and mentors across the globe. Moreover, students from different continents with similar interests and common aims can now network toward their educational goals. The sense of community is no longer restricted to the classroom or local school.

Students in Japan aspiring to enter top universities overseas are no longer restricted to the lack of local expertise. International university admissions counseling experts are now a click away.

As traditional teachers in Japan are forced to use technology in the classroom, students and parents will have to navigate and embrace the opportunities to capitalize its potential.

We need to shift away from the paradigm that the classic brick-and-mortar classroom style is applicable in a digital environment.

Instead, as the EdTech industry is revealing, it is a much more personalized, expansive, versatile, and portable tool than we think, breaking down traditional methods of teaching and communicating.

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