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Culinary Schools (Professional Training Colleges) in Japan

In this article, we feature culinary schools specializing in traditional Japanese cuisine (washoku), sushi, confectionery and other cuisines from among the numerous vocational schools in Japan. In culinary schools, you can receive training and study to become a sushi chef, French chef, pastry chef, and more. Most culinary schools have a 1-year or 2-year curriculum. We list some culinary schools that accept foreign students. Please note that besides language proficiency, there are several other requirements to study at vocational schools in Japan. Please refer to this article for detailed information.

What is a culinary school?

A culinary training facility is an educational institution that nurtures professional chefs and provides education for aspiring cooks. Graduates from these schools can obtain the national qualification of Japan, known as the "Cook License," upon completion of their studies.

By attending a culinary school, you can learn various aspects such as "cooking," "sanitation," and "nutrition." In classroom sessions, you will study subjects like nutrition, food sanitation management, culinary theory, hygiene regulations, and acquire the necessary knowledge for becoming a chef.

During practical training, you will learn basic and advanced cooking techniques, how to handle and use the latest cooking equipment, dining etiquette, as well as the proper handling of ingredients through hands-on cooking experience.

The detailed curriculum may vary slightly between 1-year and 2-year culinary programs. If you are interested in acquiring more specialized knowledge and advanced culinary skills, it would be recommended to follow a 2-year culinary school program.

Graduates from culinary schools are highly valued in the food industry and find employment in top-tier hotels, restaurants, traditional Japanese cuisine establishments (kaiseki ryotei), various dining establishments, hospitals, schools, and food development companies.

Each school offers different curricula, including comprehensive programs that cover Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine, Chinese cuisine, pastry techniques, and specialized courses focused solely on Japanese cuisine.

Japanese Culinary Schools Accepting International Students

Each school offers different curricula, please visit the respective school's website for details. There are of course more schools beyond those listed below, so please search with this list as well.

Culinary Schools in Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa

Ecole de Patisserie de Tokyo (Tokyo)

Departments: Confectionery, Japanese confectionery (wagashi), Bakery

Duration: 2 years

Tokyo College of Sushi & Washoku (Tokyo)

Departments: Japanese Cuisine Culinary, Japanese Cuisine Studies

Duration: 2-3 years

Yamanote Cooking & Confectionery College (Tokyo)

Departments: Cooking and confectionery, Bridal master, Patissier & Chocolatier, Patissier & Boulanger, Confectionery Hygienist, Cooking

Duration: 1-2 years


Culinary Schools in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo

Kobe Kokusai Cooking & Pastry College (Hyogo)

Departments: Confectionery specialist course, Confectionery Hygienist, Culinary Arts

Duration: 1-2 years

Taiwa Gakuen (Kyoto)

Departments: Japanese sweets (wagashi), patissiers and chocolatiers, café sweets, bakery, Japanese Cuisine, Western Cuisine, French Cuisine , Italian Cuisine

Duration: 1-2 years

Tsuji Culinary Institute / Tsuji Institute of Patisserie (Osaka)

Departments: Japanese Cooking Course, Japanese Culinary Arts and Business Course, Western, Japanese and Chinese cuisine, Culinary Arts and Management Course, Confectionery Arts and Management Course

Duration: 1-3 years