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How to Find Japanese Online Teachers and Tutors

We have compiled a list of websites where you can learn Japanese online from native Japanese teachers. The great advantage is that you can take a lesson whenever you would like to, and wherever you are. Although the lessons are private, you will find affordable prices within your budget. It is also possible to customize your class to your specific needs. At the following website you can not only learn Japanese, but also teach your native language if you are interested in giving lessons.

Online Japanese Tutors - Private Lessons

The websites below offer online private (group) lessons. There are many verified Japanese teachers registered from all over the world. As you can choose a time frame that suits you, you do not have to worry about having to take lessons at a fixed schedule every week. It is also easy to find teachers according to your budget, and what you would like to learn, for instance, certain dialects or cultures. Some offer free trial lessons as part of a campaign, so check them out.

We hope you will find the best teacher / tutor for you!

WeLearn Community

WeLearn Community offers 1 month free trial. You can join online Japanese lesson for beginners and advanced level.Even for people who are not confident, the environment is welcoming.


Japanese Online Institute

Japan Talk




Online Japanese Courses

Busuu offers Japanese lessons using materials provided online. You can also talk with native Japanese speakers, and have your text corrected by them. There are some materials available for free.

At Language Trainers, you can choose from Group lessons (minimum 3 lessons required) or Private lessons (minimum 10 lessons required).

Udemy is an online learning platform where you can take specialized courses at your own pace. Their lessons are offered by different teachers.

Japanese Learning Materials

Here are some learning materials for your self-study. If you are looking for a Japanese language school, please refer to the list of Japanese Language Schools.

You may also be interested in How Hard is it to Learn Japanese? If you plan to work or study at the university in Japan, please check our article about the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.