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Fashion Design Colleges ( vocational schools) in Japan

This article focuses on Fashion Design Schools among the many vocational schools in Japan. Typically, these design schools offer a 2-3 year curriculum. We have compiled a list of some schools that welcome foreign students. However, it's essential to note that, apart from language proficiency, there are other prerequisites for studying at Japanese vocational schools. For further details, please refer to the complete article.

What is a fashion design school?

Fashion design vocational schools are institutions aimed at preparing students for careers in fashion-related professions such as fashion designers, pattern makers, stylists, and more. Students in these schools can learn essential techniques in clothing production and also gain insights into the fashion distribution process, enabling them to create trendsetting fashion designs.

While many people may associate attending a clothing-focused school with studying design to become a fashion designer, these vocational schools offer a diverse range of subjects beyond that. Alongside classes on design and pattern-making, students can also learn about styling, color theory, and other knowledge essential for creating captivating fashion ensembles.

Moreover, the curriculum may include subjects seemingly unrelated to fashion, such as marketing and sales strategies. However, these are vital for understanding how to effectively present and deliver the designed clothing to customers.

Thus, fashion and apparel vocational schools not only cover clothing design and production but also encompass aspects of distribution, sales, and even the management of fashion shops, providing students with a well-rounded education in the fashion industry.

Furthermore, one of the merits of attending such schools is the practical hands-on experience they offer, allowing students to engage in exercises like clothing production and styling that are difficult to pursue through self-study. Students can participate in internships at well-known apparel brands, gaining practical experience in the fashion industry. This opportunity to work in a real-world setting is unique to fashion and apparel vocational schools.

What kind of jobs can you get after graduating from a fashion school?

After graduating from a fashion vocational school, there are various career options that graduates can pursue. Some of the main professions that one can aim for after attending such a school include:

  1. Stylist
  2. Fashion Designer
  3. Pattern Maker
  4. Costume Maker
  5. Model
  6. Merchandiser (MD)
  7. Buyer
  8. Press Coordinator
  9. Product Planner
  10. Apparel Salesperson
  11. Fashion Advisor

Even within the realm of fashion-related professions, the required knowledge and skills may differ slightly for each role. As a result, many fashion and apparel vocational schools offer specialized courses such as "Designer Course," "Pattern Maker Course," and "Stylist Course" to cater to individual preferences and provide more specialized studies.

In most fashion schools, students choose their specific majors or courses either upon enrollment or in their second year, allowing them to focus on their desired career path. Therefore, it is advisable to decide as early as possible which fashion-related job you would like to pursue.

Fashion Design Schools Accepting International Students in Japan

Each school offers different curricula, please visit the respective school's website for details. There are of course more schools beyond those listed below, so please search with this list as well.

Fashion Design Schools in Hokkaido

Hokkaido Bunka Fashion College (Hokkaido)

Department: Fashion design course

Duration: 2 years

Sapporo Fashion Design College DOREME (Hokkaido)

Department: Comprehensive Fashion Department

Duration: 2 years

Fashion Design Schools in Tokyo, Tochigi

Ashikaga Design and Beauty College (Tochigi)

Departments: Comprehensive Cosmetology, Bridal and Wedding, Total Beauty, Fashion Design, Creative Design

Duration: 2-3 years

Bunka Fashion College (Tokyo)

Departments: Clothing Specialist, Fashion Technology, Basic Fashion Engineering, Fashion Distribution, Fashion Distribution, Fashion Craft

Duration: 2-4 years

HANA Fashion College (Tokyo)

Departments: Fashion Technical, Modeling, Professional Technical, Fashion Creator, Fashion Business, Press Stylist, Apparel Designer, 

Duration: 2-3 years

Mejiro Fashion and Art College (Tokyo)

Departments: Advanced Fashion Design, Fashion Creation, Fashion Business, Fashion Advisor, Fashion Accessories, Fashion Beauty, Apparel Industry, Business Course, Accessory Course

Duration: 1-4 years

MODE Gakuen (Tokyo)

Departments: Fashion Design, Fashion Business & Technology, Fashion Technology, Fashion Business, Stylist, Makeup and Nail Care, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Hair and Makeup Artist, Cosmetology

*There are also campuses in Osaka and Nagoya

Duration: 2-4 years

Sugino Gakuen Dress Maker Gakuin (Tokyo)

Departments: Apparel creation, Designer, Patterner, Apparel technical, Costume design, Fashion business, Stylist, Modeling

Duration: 2 years

Tokyo Fashion Art College (Tokyo)

Departments: Fashion Design, Fashion Modeling, Fashion Business, Apparel Technology, Apparel Design

Duration: 2-4 years

Tokyo Fashion Institute (Tokyo)

Departments: Fashion Design, Kimono Design

Duration: 2 years

Yamato Fashion Business College (Tochigi)

Departments: Fashion Business

Duration: 2 years

Fashion Design Schools in Aichi, Fukui, Gifu, Niigata, Osaka, Fukuoka

Columbia Fashion College (Gifu)

Departments: Design Research

Duration: 2 years

Koran College of Fashion Design (Fukuoka)

Departments: Fashion Design, Fashion Technical, Fashion Business,

Duration: 2-3 years

Nagoya Fashion College (Aichi)

Departments: Fashion Business, Stylist, Technical Creation

Duration: 2-3 years

Nagoya Fashion College (Aichi)

Departments: Fashion Business, Stylist, Technical Creation

Duration: 2-3 years

New World Institute of Total Fashion / NITF (Niigata)

Departments: Fashion Design Costume Design, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Business

Duration: 2-4 years

Osaka Institute of Fashion (Osaka)

Departments: Stylist, Fashion Business, Brand Management, Fashion Creator

Duration: 2-4 years