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What Kinds of Part-Time Jobs can Students Get in Japan?

This article is contributed by Nihon Arubaito.

There are many jobs available as on a person’s proficiency in the Japanese language and available working hours. First figure out the available working hours and how much you want to interact with people then apply for any job.

This article covers the major categories of part-time jobs available for foreign students in Japan, the salaries, and the types of part-time jobs which are prohibited by the Japanese government.

>> How to Get a Part-Time Job for Foreigners and Students in Japan

English Teaching Part-time Jobs

If you are a foreigner in Japan who has a good command of English, then there is no better job than becoming an English afterschool teacher, especially in cities. You might feel that it is the only option for foreigners in Japan, but high pay wage and flexible timing with less physical stress makes it the best option. With this job, you’ll be able to interact with children and youngsters and learn about their culture which is important to get settled in Japan.

Restaurant Part-Time Jobs

Restaurant staff part-time job is among the most common option for foreigners, as it requires a basic knowledge of Japanese, moreover, if you move toward big cities the job vacancies increase due to the presence of multiple food chains.

Especially the job of dishwashing is in great demand, and if you have any prior experience working as a chef then kitchen part-time jobs are best for you, but it requires conversational level proficiency in the Japanese language.

The biggest advantage of working at the restaurant is that you can interact with different people from around the world and can practice the Japanese language with your colleagues.

Jobs for Part-Time Servers and Hall Staff

If you are a foreigner and have acquired a good command of conversational Japanese, then working as a waiter is also a good option. Most restaurant owners prefer Japanese speakers for the job of Hall staff because you are directly dealing with Japanese natives. But in cities like Tokyo and Osaka where the influx of foreigners is high, bilingual hall staff is preferred to cater to foreign customers.

But keep in mind serving food to customers is one aspect of the hall staff job, you’ll also need to clean tables and the restaurant, and answer customers’ queries which require confidence and good command of the Japanese language.

Fast Food Delivery Jobs

Almost every part-time requires some level of expertise in any skill, but fast-food delivery part-time jobs just require time and efficiency.

The number of delivery jobs has increased tremendously, especially after the Covid. Restaurants and Fast-Food chains require delivery guys on daily basis and in many cases, they also provide you with bikes, just you need to have a driving license.

Uber Eats is one of the most popular food delivery companies around the globe. Thousands of students work with it, to earn their living, here you just need to have a bicycle and get orders through their app and deliver to a specific location. The good thing about this job is flexible working hours and you get twice as much money during lunch and dinner time. But keep in mind there is no tipping culture in Japan.

Sorting and Packing Part-Time Jobs

The job description includes organizing, inspecting, and packing different items. Mostly the things are clothing, household items, or tinned food.

Recently the number of jobs in this industry has increased, and many students and foreigners like to work there because of the generous hourly wages. You can also check these jobs by clicking here.

These sorting jobs are good has monetary benefits, but it does not allow you to interact with locals and practice the Japanese language, which is a kind of drawback.

Hotel Part-Time Jobs in Japan

Nowadays Japan’s tourism industry is blooming because of its unique culture and beautiful natural sites which have created many jobs in hotels; from bed-making to receptionists. Here are some of the jobs, which might help you finding part time hotel jobs near you.

Hotel Front Desk Staff Part-Time Positions

Front desk staff is a great job for those who a proficient in Japanese and don’t want to take much physical stress. Japan is continuously promoting its culture to attract visitors around the world.

The hotel industry is always in search of part-time staff with proficiency in both Japanese and English, especially for night hours. So, if you love to talk and meet new people then only this job is for you, or else you become frustrated. Especially with the concept of omotenashi, these sorts of jobs require high manners and work ethics, because as a front desk officer, you are the face of the Hotel.

Bed Making and Cleaning Store Part-Time Hotel Job

With the booming Hotel industry, there is always a need for people who can do bed making, garbage collection, and hotel room cleaning. The good thing about this job is, time flexibility and you don’t require specific skills or conversational Japanese. If you are new in Japan and looking for a job to immediately start, then bed making part-time job is ideal for you.

Part-Time Jobs in Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are like large shopping marts which have everything for everyday use from meat to vegetables, medicines, beverages, and whatnot, along with very long working hours. And the convenience stores near highways are usually open 24/7 they are always in need of part-time staff.

So, if you are living in Japan for over a year and have good conversational Japanese, then working as a convenience store clerk is a good option and especially if you work in odd hours, you can get more pay.

Jobs for Event Staff on the Side

This job is best for those who just want to work on weekends, as most of the parties are planned on Saturdays and Sundays. The job includes preparing the venue of events, which includes making sure there are enough tables and chairs with the customer’s choice lighting and sound system, the stage is beautifully prepared, etc. This job requires reaching at venue earliest and staying there till the end.

Your goal is to make the event enjoyable for everyone, this may also include serving food and drinks to guests or playing with children. If you are interested, then apply to any event management agency.

Restricted Part-Time Jobs for Foreign Students

There are few jobs that the Japanese government has strictly prohibited for students, even if you are an adult, like 20+ of age. Make sure you don’t work in any of these places:

  • Adult stores
  • Massage parlors
  • Pachinko parlors
  • Love hotels
  • Hostess bars or host clubs

No doubt these jobs have quite high paying wages, but as friendly advice; don’t ever indulge in any of these activities, it can create problems in visa renewal or can even cause deportation.

How Much Does a Japanese Part-Time Job Pay?

In part-time jobs, an employee is paid on an hourly basis and the wage depends upon multiple factors like location, skills, market demand, etc. If you are working in big metropolitan cities, you’ll get more pay as compared to small towns or remote villages. Part-time jobs in Tokyo pays around 1,000 Yen per hour as compared to cities like Nango where you’ll get paid around 850 Yen per hour.

Moreover, if your job requires more education or skills which are in demand then you’ll be getting more pay. Like, if you work as an English teacher, your payment will be higher as compared to one working in the packaging industry. On average foreigners can earn 28,000 to 30,000 Yen a week, but this can change depending upon the type and timing of a job. Like if you work at odd hours when most people don’t like to work, then you’ll be more pay.

How to Find Part-Time Job in Japan

Job Portals

Job portals are now a day is an easiest and most convenient way to find a job. There you’ll find multiple job postings and can directly apply for jobs.

There are even different filters like a specific location per-hour wage, type of job which makes it easy to find desired job. And if there is no relevant job available, you can even post your Resume or CV there, to get notification of your desire job.

One of the most popular job portals for foreigners in Japan is Nihon Arubaito, do check it now!

Organizations or Company Websites

Big and renown organizations like STARBUCKS OR MCDONALD’S prefer to post on their company websites. These companies have specific page or category for job applications. It is always suggested to visit these websites or post your CV there to get notification as soon as new vacancy is created.

In-Person Job Advertisements

Despite the age of technology, in person advertisement will never lose their fame and importance, and small business mostly get hiring through these advertisements not just in Japan but around the Globe specifically for part time jobs.

If you pay little attention around bakeries or small food chains, there is a big poster with need people written on it; here you can easily find part time job. Next time whenever you go out, pay a close attention to these sorts of posters, especially in your neighborhood, this will save your time of commute and money.

How to get part time job in Japan, is probably, one of the most asked questions people who are planning to move Japan, whether they are students or professionals. Getting a part-time job is not very difficult, if you a have all the legal documents of stay. Just you must be mindful of Japan’s few work restrictions for students seeking part time jobs, do keep it in mind a student cannot work more than 28 hours a week and not at places where adultery is done, it just against the work ethics and culture of Japan.

For a student, a part-time job should be meant for earning which can help in day-to-day expense not for remittance.