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Where to Play Golf in or around Tokyo

Been missing your pitching wedge? Wondering what the links are like in Japan? Hoping that tee time is still an option in your new Tokyo home? If so, we have got some ideas for you. You may know the reputation of golf in Japan – that it’s very exclusive and very expensive. Fortunately, Tokyo golf options actually run the gamut.

There are a number of courses accessible from the city that allow non-club visitors, so you should not have any trouble finding a place to play for a day or weekend trip. There are also numerous driving ranges and golf practice grounds where you can brush up on your swing.

Once you have decided on a course to visit, make sure you plan ahead: Single players are not allowed on Japanese courses, so always go with at least one other person. And if you intend to rent clubs and shoes, call ahead to confirm availability as many Japanese players bring their own. Now let’s get into some specifics of the Tokyo golf scene.

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Near-Tokyo Golf Courses to Put on your Bucket List

Aqualine Golf Club (Chiba)

The Aqualine Golf Club in Chiba Prefecture was designed by renowned course architect Shunsuke Kato and is the most accessible from Tokyo – an easy drive through the Tokyo Bay Aqualine Tunnel. The 17th and 18th holes are renowned for their challenging bunkers and water hazards so be cautious on the back half. The facilities offer some great relaxation too, with onsen-like baths, massage chairs, and a seasonal menu in the restaurant.

Address: 4345−3 Mariyatsu, Kisarazu-shi, Chiba

Belle Selva Country Club SAKURA Course (Tochigi)

"Belle Selva" refers to a beautiful forest! The Belle Selva Country Club Sakura Course is a hilly course constructed flat on terrain with elevations around 200 meters. With the keywords of casual, friendly, open, global standard, and quality, it's a golf course where everyone can enjoy. There's also a hot spring where you can enjoy natural hot springs that spring from 1,500 meters underground. The high-quality water has a smooth texture and is known as "beauty water" for its skin-rejuvenating effects. The spring quality is alkaline simple hot spring, praised for its gentle ionization effect that warms the body from the core and leaves the skin smooth.

Address: 1408-2 Kanokohata, Sakura-shi, Tochigi

Gotemba Golf Club (Shizuoka)

The Gotemba Golf Club is located in Shizuoka Prefecture and boasts some beautiful views of classic Japanese scenery including Mt Fuji and the Pacific Ocean. A par 72 hillside course with plenty of challenges, it’s worth the roughly hour-and-and-half trip from Tokyo. The Gotemba Kogen Resort is nearby and offers accommodation for those looking to make the outing into a weekend trip.

Address: 1924-2 Kouyama, Gotemba-city, Shizuoka

Ichihara Keikyu Country Club (Chiba)

Ichihara Keikyu Country Club was opened in August 1980 as the first golf course in the Keikyu Group, as part of the effective utilization of land owned by Keihin Corporation in the 1960s. The ideal turf nurtured by the mild climate of Minamiboso. The course features 18 holes with gentle natural terrain and minimal elevation changes. With spacious tee grounds, wide and flat fairways, and generous greens. It's a golf course where both beginners and veterans can enjoy strategizing their game.

Address: 3022-13 Umatate, Ichihara-shi, Chiba

La Vista Golf Resort (Chiba)

La Vista Golf Resort exudes the atmosphere of Southern Europe. With its dazzling Mediterranean resort charm, it features holes with water hazards and picturesque pond crossings, evoking the bright sunlight of the Mediterranean. Some holes showcase Scottish-inspired mounds, while others have an American-style layout with ponds, each contributing a unique and distinctive character to the course.

Address: 373 Satsubo, Chonan-machi, Chosei-gun, Chiba

Miho Golf Club (Ibaraki)

Miho Golf Club is designed by the master architect Robert Trent Jones Jr., this course is one of the few with a proven track record of hosting major tournaments for both men and women. Themed around "risk and reward," the hazards and scenic traps pose a formidable challenge even to professional golfers. It's a beautiful gem of a course born in the warm lands surrounding Lake Kasumigaura.

Address: 2568-19 Kuraushiro, Tsuchiura-aza, Oaza, Miho-mura, Inashiki-gun, Ibaraki

Nanso Country Club (Chiba)

Embraced by lush greenery and a mild climate, the 36-hole championship course of Nanso Country Club is nestled in hilly terrain, with each hole meticulously separated into two courses by gently rolling hills and forests. The East Course features a diverse course design utilizing ponds, valleys, and forests, providing rich variations. The West Course offers a spacious layout with ample distance, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Do enjoy one of the premier championship courses in the Kanto region.

Address: 1683-1 Kamitakane, Ichihara-shi, Chiba

Narashino Country Club (Chiba)

Narashino Country Club feature a layout that maximizes the natural landscape, including majestic long holes and strategically challenging terrain. There are challenging 36 holes. Amidst the period of high economic growth, the golf club has supported the first golf boom, starting with hosting the Japan Professional Golf Championship in 1968. They continued this legacy by hosting numerous tournaments such as the Suntory Open for 24 consecutive years from 1974, the Japan Open Golf Championship in 1977, and the Japan Senior Open Golf Championship in 2016, all of which have been instrumental in sharing the joy of golf with many people. Since 2019, they have also hosted the PGA Tour's "ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP," marking its first-ever event in Japan. This tournament has seen top players from around the world showcase their performance in front of large crowds, with Tiger Woods securing his 82nd PGA Tour victory, tying the record for the most wins. Their course has thus become a stage for world-class competition at the highest level.

Address: 7Omori, Inzai-shi, Chiba

Taiheiyo Club MASHIKO PGA Course (Tochigi)

Taiheiyo Club MASHIKO PGA Course, a genuine woodland championship course in the Kanto region, is among the top five courses in the area. Experience the unparalleled course quality upon your visit! The course layout, scenic balance, and strategic design excel in all aspects, making it a top-tier course. The 18 holes, acclaimed by touring professionals, boast high strategic value while harmonizing beauty and challenge. Designed and renovated with soulful dedication by master architect Shunsuke Kato, the Mashiko Course features flat woodland terrain separated by red pines, Japanese oaks, and other trees, with ponds skillfully placed for enhanced memorability and to ignite players' challenge spirit. Additionally, the "PGA Golf Academy at Pacific Club Mashiko," operated jointly with the PGA (Japan Professional Golf Association), provides a comprehensive practice environment.

Address: 3302-1 Nanai, Mashiko-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi

The Winsor Park Golf and Country Club (Ibaraki)

The Windsor Park Golf and Country Club in Ibaraki Prefecture is an hour’s drive up the Joban Expressway from Tokyo and is maintained to international standards with a backdrop of beautiful rolling hills. The 18-hole course is par 72 and will challenge novices and pros alike, and if you want to stick around after a day on the green you can enjoy a delicious meal and a comfortable night’s rest in their accommodation.

Address: 3473 Shiogo, Shirosato-machi, Higashi-ibaraki-gun, Ibaraki

Driving Ranges in Tokyo

To increase your Tokyo golf options further there’s a plethora of driving ranges throughout the city. Most of the websites mentioned below are in Japanese.

Lotte Kasai Golf (Edogawa-ku)

Lotte Kasai Golf is one of the largest driving ranges in Japan.

Distance: 250 yards / Bays: 300
Address: 2-4-2 Rinkaicho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Website: Lotte Kasai Golf

Metro Green Toyocho (Edogawa-ku)

Distance: 165 yards / Bays: 90
Address: 1-6-40 Shinsuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Website: Metro Green Toyocho

Funabori Golf  (Edogawa-ku)

Distance: 220 yards / Bays: 72
Address: 1-1-38 Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Website: Funabori Golf

Accordia Garden Tokyo Bay (Ota-ku)

Accordia Garden Tokyo Bay is formerly the 'Jack Nicklaus Golf Center Omori', the practice facilities were developed and designed by Jack Nicklaus himself.

Distance: 130 yards / Bays: 60
Address: 3-28-1 Omori-Higashi, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Website: Accordia Garden Tokyo Bay

Tamagawa Golf  (Ota-ku)

Distance: 250 yards / Bays: 36
Address: 7-4 Minami, Denenchofu, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Website: Tamagawa Golf

Meguro Golf Driving Range (Meguro-ku)

Distance: 50 yards / Bays: 59
Address: 5-6-22 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Website: Meguro Golf Driving Range

Golf in Tokyo with Simulator Lounges

When you don’t have time for a day out, or want to practice your swing in a relaxed setting, there are a number of simulator lounges that allow you to enjoy realistic golf in Tokyo proper itself.

Global Golf Simulation (Yokohama)

Global Golf Simulation in Shin-Yokohama is operated by DuaForce Corporation, who is a technical oriented company for indoor golf facilities. All the bays are wide and have sofas, which could provide comfortable atmosphere. High speed simulator associated with 15ft wide curved screen enables you to experience realistic image of simulation golf courses and driving range. You can take the service as both membership and drop in, with low price for individual, family and groups. Foreign golfers not only residing in Japan but also travelers are all welcome.

Indoor / Bays: 3
Address: 3-16-1 Shin-Yokohama, B1, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

Tokyo American Club

The Tokyo American Club in Minato Ward is a private club, but if you’re a golfer, it might be worth joining for their two cutting-edge golf simulators that feature high-definition imagery of some of the world’s top golf courses. Beyond being a great spot for golf in Tokyo, the fact that they offer food-and-drink packages makes this club great for social and corporate parties; you can also get in on group trips to outdoor golf courses in Japan and overseas, or take lessons with a professional.

Kojimachi Golf

In addition to featuring simulations of several renowned courses in various simulator rooms (including a VIP room), Kojimachi Golf also offers an extensive array of golf lessons by a highly experienced coach, including one for beginners. Whether you play for 2 hours or 30 minutes, they allow you to schedule around your busy city life. When you’re done teeing off, head over to Cafe Bo-log’ne, an atmospheric space where you can reflect on your game over a number of inexpensive dishes and partake in a diverse drink menu, which even has an all-you-can-drink option.

BOXGOLF (Shinjuku-ku)

Indoor / Bays: 7
Address: 4-3-15-2F, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Website: BOXGOLF

Asakusa A Golf (Taito-ku)

Indoor / Bays: 9
Address: 2-24-1-2F, Nishiasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Website: Asakusa A Golf

Golf Lessons in Tokyo

Jinji golf community is based in Tokyo greater area. The community offer a complete package for golfers, by helping them book a golf course, teaching golf and transportation to the golf range. They have the complete guidance and support for golfers living in or visiting Japan. The community was established in 2002 by NRPGI certified Shai Gigi. Since 2004 they started our unique service of offering SMILE GOLF package where the golfer and the family can pick up from the airport to the hotel and then transport to the golf course. They are the only organizer offering this kind of service.

Please mention "PLAZA HOME" on booking to receive 10% discount.

Golf Shops in Tokyo

Golf in Tokyo, as everywhere, does require the proper equipment. When it’s time to get kitted out with a new pair of shoes or set of irons, there are some great places in Tokyo that offer a wide variety of everything you might need.

Festival Golf Ueno

Festival Golf Ueno Located right in the heart of Ameyoko, inside the Ameyoko Center Building, is a golf shop. This is the largest comprehensive golf shop in the country, offering a stock of 13,000 items including the latest models, new, and used clubs, with 2,500 items for ladies and 2,500 left-handed clubs. We have everything including a 9m largest indoor putting green in Tokyo, fitting rooms, and a workshop.

Address: Ameyoko Center Building 3rd and 4th floors,4-7-8 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Festival Golf Shinjuku

Festival Golf is a chain of golf stores offering second-hand and discount clubs from a variety of manufacturers. If you’re looking to save a little money but still want high quality, gently used clubs, this is the spot for you. There’s a branch in the basement of Shinjuku Center Building just west of Shinjuku Station.

Address: Shinjuku San-ei Building 1F, 1-22-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Kotobuki Golf Ueno (Okachimachi)

As a golf specialty store, Kotobuki Golf boasts the largest floor area and selection in Tokyo! Established in 1967, we are a long-standing golf specialty store that offers a wide range of products, including items for ladies and left-handed golfers. Our staff, with abundant knowledge and experience, will assist you in finding the perfect products for your needs.

Address: 3-21-11, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Victoria Golf Shinjuku

Victoria Golf, another chain of golf stores around Japan, boasts a nine-story golf shopping paradise just outside the Shin-Minami exit of Shinjuku Station. They have everything from clubs to shoes to apparel for both men and women, so you can be sure to find what you need here.

Address: 4-1-10 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Things You Should Know Before Playing Golf in Japan

There are certain rules to play golf in Japan. This article would be useful to read before you visit a golf club in Japan.

How to Play Golf in Japan

Tokyo Golf Options are Plentiful

You may not have expected to maintain your game in Japan’s crowded modern capital, but as you can see, there are plenty of Tokyo golf options and no reason to let your swing get rusty. And if golf is not your only sporting interest, there are various opportunities for many different sports in this city. So whether it’s Japanese golf or something new, why not give it a shot?