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Benefits of Hiring a Housekeeper When Moving

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Did you know that a housekeeping and maid service can also help with a move? There are many options that can make the daunting task of moving easier, such as packing and cleaning before moving-out, unpacking, cleaning and shopping after moving-in.

This article provides an overview of services that housekeeping and maid services can offer, and benefits of using a housekeeping service when moving.

What are the Benefits of Using a Housekeeping Service When Moving?

Using a housekeeping service can significantly reduce the work for a move. Another advantage is that by cleaning the room thoroughly before leaving, you may substantially reduce the cost of restoring the room to its original condition, resulting in lower the moving-out costs.

Utilizing a housekeeping services before and after a move has five main benefits.

5 Benefits of hiring a housekeeping service when moving

1. Preparations can be carried out without disrupting your daily life

2. Preparations for moving can be completed in a shorter period of time

3. Restoration costs may be lower

4. Moving can be done on a weekday when moving costs are lower

5. You can start your daily life at your new location right away

1. Preparations can be carried out without disrupting your daily life

You can imagine how adding moving-preparations to your already hectic schedule can put a strain on your work and day-to-day life. You can lighten your load both physically and mentally by hiring a housekeeping service to handle your regular household chores. Ask the housekeeper to assist you in preparing for and completing the procedures efficiently.

2. Preparations for moving can be completed in a shorter period of time

You can prepare for moving in a shorter time if you hire a housekeeper. When you start packing too early, you may end up packing even things you still need to use in cardboard boxes and having to start unpacking/packing all over again. Furthermore, if you spend days with cardboard boxes occupying your room, you may end up having to search for them every day. With the assistance of a housekeeper, you can complete moving preparations promptly.

3. Restoration costs may be lower

Restoration costs are charged for damages caused by carelessness or stains caused by insufficient cleaning. In other words, water stains and mould caused by not properly cleaning the bathroom, as well as neglected stains on the walls, are likely to be charged when you move out.

Because house cleaning costs are often borne by the tenant, it is preferable to hand over the property in as clean condition as possible. Just a little effort around wet areas, in particular, can make a big difference in the appearance of the property and it is essential for lowering the cost of moving out.

If you use a housekeeping service, you can leave the time-consuming cleaning of the kitchen and water areas to the staff, who will keep them perfectly clean while you pack and tidy up.

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4. Moving can be done on a weekday when moving costs are lower

Moving rates are usually lower on weekdays than on weekends and holidays. By shifting the day, it is sometimes possible to use a moving service for half the price of a peak time.

You can choose a moving day with lower rates if you have more manpower by hiring a housekeeper, even if your husband cannot take time off work or you do not have family or friends who can assist you.

Later in this article, you can learn more about services you can ask a housekeeper on a moving day.

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5. You can start your daily life at your new location right away

Even after the moving day is over, there are numerous tasks to complete, such as unpacking and cleaning. You will be busy with tidying up and cleaning especially in the first few days, so it is recommended that you use a housekeeping service to ease the burden.

Some housekeeping services include not only cleaning and tidying, but also watching over children. If you have small children, having a housekeeper keep an eye on them makes your work much easier.

In addition, a cookery service prepares nutritious and balanced meals for you, so you can make sure you have time to rest your body.

Examples of Housekeeping Services [up to the day before moving-out]

There are 5 main examples of tasks to request prior to moving day.

1. Daily domestic chores

2. Help with packing

3. Cleaning windows and balconies

4. Cleaning the kitchen and wet areas

5. Removing dirt from walls and floors, etc.

1. Daily domestic chores

You can complete the necessary procedures in plenty of time if you leave regular cleaning and meal preparation to a housekeeping service.

The tasks that arise during a move include not only packing and room cleaning, but also the various procedures involved in moving house.

・Procedures at your old and new municipal offices

・Changing address for various services

・Canceling or connecting for gas, water, electricity, internet, and so on.

If you become ill as a result of having too many things to do, you will be unable to complete them. Use a housekeeping service to ensure that all procedures are completed by the due date.

2. Help with packing

A housekeeping service is not a specialized moving service, but most can assist with 'packing and unpacking'. Although detailed instructions are required from the client, the staff can be a reassuring presence when preparing for a move, which requires a lot of manpower.

[Example of work instructions]

'Please fold the clothes and put them in cardboard boxes.'

'Please put all of the toys in the children's room in a bag.'

Having someone other than yourself will make the work go much faster!

3. Cleaning windows and balconies

Window and balcony cleaning can be handled by a housekeeping service. These are areas that would take a significant amount of time and effort to complete on your own. The time they spend cleaning them will allow you to focus on other things, allowing you to smoothly prepare for the move.

4. Cleaning the kitchen and wet areas

Dirt in the kitchen and around wet areas is an area where restoration costs will almost certainly be added to the original cost. This is an area to pay attention to when moving-out. In contrast, if you can leave the property clean, the amount of the security deposit refund may not be affected, so you should clean the room thoroughly. 

One of the housekeeping service's specialties is cleaning the kitchen and wet areas, so leave it to knowledgeable and experienced staff to clean it up!

5. Removing dirt from walls and floors, etc.

If you hire a housekeeping service, you can get the walls and floors clean and clear in a short time.

They use different detergents depending on the stain, such as dust and grease, and remove them efficiently, which is useful before a busy move-out. Even if you only clean up the most visible stains, you can avoid paying more than expected when moving-out.

Examples of Housekeeping Services [on moving day]

The more people you have on hand on moving day, the faster you can complete tasks such as packing essential household items and final clean-up.

There are 3 main types of tasks that are helpful on moving day.

1. Packing last-minute daily necessities

2. Cleaning up rooms and removing trash

3. Watching over children, etc.

1. Packing last-minute daily necessities

You must have finished packing before movers arrive on moving day. However, you may be preoccupied with work or other obligations and may not have finished packing by the previous day.

It is important to be prepared ahead of time so that you do not keep the movers waiting. On the day of the move, a housekeeping service can also be requested to assist with manpower. While you are communicating with the movers and checking out the details, the housekeeping staff can continue with the packing process, allowing the move to go smoothly.

2. Cleaning up rooms and removing trash

The property should be handed over as clean and tidy as possible after everything has been removed. The presence of housekeeping staff also makes the final cleaning and garbage removal faster. Including the cleaning of windows, walls, etc. hidden by the furniture can take time, so get the housekeeper's help to finish the job quickly.

3. Watching over children (while also making the moving process easier)

Moving with small children is more difficult than you might think. Most of the time, no work gets done because they open the boxes after you have packed them, forcing you to start over, or they get irritated if they don't get your attention. There is also the risk of dishes breaking or cardboard piles collapsing.

Some housekeeping services may provide babysitting. You can pack while your child plays with the staff or, if you cannot get away from your child, you can leave the packing to the staff.

Examples of Housekeeping Services [after moving-in]

After you have moved into your new home, you would probably like to finish cleaning up as soon as possible so you can get back to your normal routine. With the help of a housekeeping service, tidying up and cleaning up after the move goes smoothly, allowing you to return to your daily routine without stress.

After moving-in, there are 3 major tasks to request.

1. Help with unpacking

2. Cleaning and tidying up your new home

3. Assistance with domestic chores, such as shopping and cooking, etc.

1. Help with unpacking

Your new home's daily life begins the moment you arrive. You may have work and school the next day, and if you have to take care of children, there is no time to rest. It would be also difficult to settle into your new life if the things you need are still in cardboard boxes.

A housekeeping service can be requested not only to unpack, but also to organize the items that have been taken out from the boxes, allowing the tidying up to be completed quickly.

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2. Cleaning and tidying up your new home

When moving into a new house that has been vacant for some time, the inside is often surprisingly dirty. Cleaning up dust, mold, and other allergens right away after moving in is especially important for families with small children. However, unpacking and other procedures frequently prevent you from cleaning after a move.

If you use a housekeeping service, you can have your new home cleaned efficiently while doing other things.

3. Assistance with domestic chores, such as shopping and cooking, etc.

Even if you're busy, you might want to make homemade meals, especially if you have young children or elderly family members. Cooking and shopping services may be offered by a household service. 

You can lessen your mental load simply by cutting down on the amount of time you spend worrying about what to cook or what to eat. It might also be possible to request "only cooking," "only cleaning," or "only laundry," depending on the housekeeping company.

What to Look Out For when Hiring a housekeeping service When Moving?

When using a housekeeping service for a move, only ask them to "assist with moving". This is because a housekeeping service is not a specialized moving company and they cannot be left without any instructions.

When requesting a service, keep the following 5 points in mind.

1. Giving specifics about the work you want done

2. Cleaning by a specialist is not an option

3. You cannot request heavy work or work at a height

4. In the event of an accident, some companies do not provide compensation

5. Nighttime, weekend, and holiday rates

1. Giving specifics about the work you want done

When you hire a housekeeping service to assist with a move, you should provide detailed instructions to your staff. Tell them exactly what kind of assistance you require to make the task easier.

1. Packing dishes

2. Cleaning the floor in the living room

3. Cleaning the washbasin

You will be able to get your cleaning and tidying needs met in a generous way if you set priorities and provide instructions as described above.

2. Cleaning by a specialist is not an option.

You cannot ask a housekeeping service to perform cleaning duties that demand the use of specialized tools and detergents.

・Cleaning of the air conditioner and ventilation fans

・Removing stubborn black mold from bathrooms, etc.

Specialist cleaning should be requested from house cleaning services.

When moving, you need manpower, so the fact that housekeeping services can handle a variety of tasks is a big plus.

3. You cannot request heavy work or work at a height

The housekeeping tasks that can be requested are only routine household chores. It is important to note that you cannot request the moving of furniture or the cleaning of high places associated with a move.

4. In the event of an accident, some companies do not provide compensation

It is essential to ensure that the housekeeping company is insured. It is impossible to guarantee that accidents will not occur when moving house because the house will simply be more hectic.

The insurance of some housekeeping companies does not cover damage to valuable furniture, tableware or dishes. Make sure that you select a reputable company.

5. Nighttime, weekend, and holiday rates

Moving must be done efficiently, taking time away from your busy daily schedule. You might want to use evenings, weekends, or public holidays to help with cleaning and packing.

[Points to check in advance]

1. Is it possible to make a request on the desired date and time?

2. Do they have standard rates?

3. Are they available on weekends and holidays?

Some housekeeping services can be requested late at night or early in the morning, but the rates are higher than the standard ones. In addition, some companies charge more on weekends and holidays than on weekdays, so double-check before requesting the service.

"One-Time" or "Spot Plan" is Recommended When Moving

Many housekeeping services provide one-time or spot-plan. Unlike regular plans, you can only receive services when you need them, so they are best for one time or short-term use, such as "just for a few days before or after a move".

However, for a one-time plan, it is best to assume that work will be unable to be completed while you are away. The goal of using a housekeeping service for moving is to make the time-consuming process of moving faster and more efficient. 

By delegating everyday household tasks to a housekeeper, you can concentrate on packing or unpacking to alleviate the mental and physical burden.

In Conclusion: Housekeeping Services Can be Beneficial When Moving

By utilizing a housekeeping service, you can not only alleviate the burden of moving but also potentially reduce costs associated with moving out. Ensuring your previous residence is thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained upon handover can help you start your new life on a positive note.

Advantages of using a housekeeping service when moving

1. Preparations can be carried out without disrupting your daily routine

2. Preparations for moving can be completed in a short time

3. In some cases, restoration costs can be reduced

4. Possible to move on a weekday when rates are lower

5. You can start your daily life immediately at your new location

Why not consider using a housekeeping service to help you smoothly prepare for and clean up after the move, allowing you to start your new life stress-free?

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