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Japanese Language

Information on Japanese language for foreigners living in Japan, including studying Japanese, Japanese language schools, business Japanese, and business Japanese.

Affordable or Even Free Japanese Language Classes in Tokyo
JLPT for Studying and Working in Japan
What you didn’t know about Japanese habits
What you didn’t know about Japanese habits
Japanese Idioms: A List of Expressions Based on Body Parts
Why Study Japanese? The Overlooked Importance of Learning the Language
All About the Buzz: Japanese Onomatopoeia
Counting in Japanese: Learn with Ease & Efficiency
Best Japanese Learning Apps - from beginners to advanced levels
How to Find Japanese Online Teachers and Tutors
Is ANATA (You) Rude in Japanese? What Words Can You Use Instead?
Japanese Voice Translator / Interpreter Apps
The Best Way to Learn Japanese: 7 Savvy Strategies
How Hard Is It to Learn Japanese? A Look at Why It's So Complex
Learning Japanese for Free: Great Online Tools
Things You Didn't Know About Japan and Japanese People Part 2
What you need to know about "Good" and "Bad" in Japanese
Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo
Japanese Language Exchange: Find a Partner to Talk With
Japanese Job Titles in English
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