Created for expats living in Japan


Information on Japanese traditional culture, Japanese customs, cross-culture, manners, Japanese cultural lessons, etc. for foreigners living in Japan.

Japanese National Holiday Calendar
Eating Outside in Japan: Know the Rules, Avoid a Food Fight
Wadaiko: The Summer Rhythm and Movements of Taiko in Japan
Japanese Cleanliness: Japan’s Obsession with Tidying Up
Japanese Verbal & Nonverbal Communication for Business
Nengajo – New Year’s Cards
Exploring the Enigmatic World of Japanese Noh Theatre: Ancient Masks to Modern Marvels
Tokyo Ninja Experiences: Learn the ways of the Shinobi
Discovering Kabuki: A Guide to Kabuki Theatres, Tickets, and Cultural Insights
Bonsai Basics: Beginner's Guide, Top Trees, Tokyo Picks
Omamori: A Guide to Japanese Amulets
Geisha Dinner Experience in Tokyo
Hanko/Inkan: A Guide to the World of Japanese Signature Seals
Japanese Kotatsu: Staying Warm in Winter
Welcoming the Obon Holiday: Exploring Japanese Tradition
Zen Experiences: A Guide to Temple Stays in Japan
Chopstick Etiquette in Japan : DOs and DON'Ts
Restaurant Etiquette in Japan: How to Avoid Serious Mistakes
Tokyo Mosque and Information for Muslims
Ninja : The Secrets of Unwavering Mental Strength  (Part 3/3)
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