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Daily Life

Basic information related to Japanese daily life, such as Japanese Food, Shopping, Pets and Money.
Vets / Animal Hospitals in Tokyo
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Japan Voltage, Frequency, and Plug Type: Guide to Plugging In
How to Use a Japanese Washing Machine
10 Best Japanese Electric Appliances and Gadgets for Your Home
How to Make Japanese Rice: Washing, Cooking & More
What to Know about Japanese Rice: Buying, Storing & More
Japanese Rice Brands and the Characteristics
Public Utility Prices in Japan (Electricity, Gas, Water)
Japanese Toilet Cleaning Tips: Effective Methods for a Spotless Washlet
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Benefits of Hiring a Housekeeper When Moving
How to Clean Japanese Window Screens (Amido)
English-Speaking Maid and Housekeeping Services Guide in Tokyo
What's Osoji? Japan's Year-End Cleaning Tradition