Created for expats living in Japan


Business-related information for foreigners living in Japan, including information on starting a business in Japan, business etiquette, practical business tips at work, and English-speaking tax accountants.

Eikaiwa Teacher vs. ALT: Schedule and Work-life Balance
How to Start a Business in Japan
What is a Set-up Office (Furnished Office) ?
Digital Nomad in Japan: Rise of Short to Medium-Term Stays from Overseas
What are the Four Company Types in Japan?
English-Speaking Accounting & Consulting Firms in Tokyo
Recruitment Agencies in Japan
What are the Requirements for Foreigners to Work as Cab Drivers in Japan?
Job Search Websites in Japan
How to Find English-Speaking Jobs for Foreigners in Japan
How to Get More Freelance Work in Japan
A Beginner's Guide to Japanese Business Etiquette
Japanese Business Gift Giving: Dos and Don'ts for Expatriates
Japanese Office Documents
Business Card Etiquette in Japan – How to Exchange Business Cards
Hello Work in Japan: A Handy Employment Service Center
How to Get a Part-Time Job for Foreigners and Students in Japan
What Kinds of Part-Time Jobs can Students Get in Japan?
Seating Protocol in Japan - Seating Arrangements
Saving Tax using Business Safety Mutual Relief System
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