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Information on Japanese cuisine, drinks, Japanese food, recipes, food labels, healthy food, and other food-related topics for foreigners living in Japan.

How to Reduce Food Waste in Japan: Steps to Sustainability
Minimizing Food Loss: Finding Supermarkets in Japan that Sell Expired (Expiring) Food
Okonomiyaki vs. Monjayaki & Hiroshima-yaki: The Showdown
Japanese Oden: Rich History & Regional Variations
What is Kodomo Shokudo? - Kids Cafes in Japan
Japanese Luxury Fruits: The Pursuit of Perfection
Discovering the Delights of 'Shun (旬)' -  Embracing Seasonal Cuisine in Japan
Japanese Kakigori: Take A Break From The Summer Heat
Japanese Pubs (Izakayas) — A Guide for First-Timers
 Is it Safe to Eat Expired Food? - The difference between "Best Before" and "Use By"
Reading food expiration dates in Japan
Food Banks in Japan
How to Use Japanese Tableware: To Hold or Not to Hold?
Slurp-Worthy: The Delicious Diversity of 5 Types of Ramen
What to Know about Japanese Noodles and Etiquette
Cinnamon in Japan: A Flavorful Journey of Health and Taste
Sugar-Free Diet in Japan: Understanding Food Labels
What is wasanbon (sugar) and how do you use it in Japan?
Mastering Types of Sugar in Japan: A Complete Ingredient Guide
Free English Websites for Japanese Food Recipes
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