Created for expats living in Japan


Basic information about living in Japan such as daily-life, internet, mobile phones, etc. for foreigners living in Japan.

12 Time-Saving Hacks for Household Chores!
Laundry Symbols and Dry Cleaning Services in Japan
How to Read Recycling Symbols on Products in Japan
Japan Voltage, Frequency, and Plug Type: Guide to Plugging In
How to Use a Japanese Washing Machine
Japanese Toilet Cleaning Tips: Effective Methods for a Spotless Washlet
How to borrow books from a public library in Japan - Tokyo
Benefits of Hiring a Housekeeper When Moving
How to Clean Japanese Window Screens (Amido)
English-Speaking Maid and Housekeeping Services Guide in Tokyo
What's Osoji? Japan's Year-End Cleaning Tradition
How to find the right laundry detergent in Japan
Disposal of Oversized Garbage in Japan
The Best Japanese Apps for Visiting and Living in Japan
Japan News in English: Great Media Outlets for Expats
TV Streaming in Japan: 9 Options for Watching English Programs
Mail Forwarding in Japan: Domestic and International Options
The Types of Japanese Mail Explained
Lost and Found in Japan - How to Find Lost Items
How to Donate and Sell Used Clothing and Furniture in Japan
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