Created for expats living in Japan


Basic information about living in Japan such as daily-life, internet, mobile phones, etc. for foreigners living in Japan.

Mail Forwarding in Japan: Domestic and International Options
The Types of Japanese Mail Explained
English-Speaking Maid and Housekeeping Services Guide in Tokyo
How to borrow books from a public library in Japan - Tokyo
Lost and Found in Japan - How to Find Lost Items
How to Donate and Sell Used Clothing and Furniture in Japan
Japanese Dry Cleaning and English-Speaking Dry Cleaning Services in Tokyo
Redeliveries in Japan: Japan Post, Kuroneko, Sagawa & Amazon
How to use Japanese High-Tech Toilets
Internet in Japan: Finding English-Speaking Providers in Japan
Buying a SIM Card in Japan
Where to Buy SIM Free Phones in Japan and SIM Unlocking Procedures
Japanese Mobile Phones: Plans, Coverage, and Services
 Fighting Humidity and Mold During Japan’s Rainy Season
Japan Courier Services Combine Convenience, Efficiency and Innovation
How to Use a Japanese Washing Machine
How to Clean Japanese Window Screens (Amido)
Japanese Funeral Etiquette: Some Helpful Guidelines
Quiet Living: Tackling Neighborhood Noise in Japan
How to Translate Your Japanese Air Conditioner Remote Control
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