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Living in Japan

Introduction to Japanese culture, government, language, child care, and other elements of Japanese life.

English-speaking Babysitters in Tokyo
Japan Residence Card (Zairyu Card) and Residence Management System
Taxes in Japan: Filing Japanese Income Tax in Japan
Why Study Japanese? The Overlooked Importance of Learning the Language
English-Speaking Driving Schools in Tokyo
Public Schools in Tokyo - English and Japanese Language Support
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All About the Buzz: Japanese Onomatopoeia
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Why is the Practical Driver's License Test in Japan So Challenging?
Drivers License in Japan
How to Switch your Driver's License to a Japanese License
Welcoming the Obon Holiday: Exploring Japanese Tradition
Zen Experiences: A Guide to Temple Stays in Japan
Counting in Japanese: Learn with Ease & Efficiency
Chopstick Etiquette in Japan : DOs and DON'Ts
Restaurant Etiquette in Japan: How to Avoid Serious Mistakes
Tokyo Mosque and Information for Muslims
Ninja : The Secrets of Unwavering Mental Strength  (Part 3/3)
Art, Music, Sports Classes for Children in Tokyo