Created for expats living in Japan

Living in Japan

Introduction to Japanese culture, government, language, child care, and other elements of Japanese life.

What You Should Know about Japanese Public School Customs
Enrolling in a Japanese public school and materials you need to prepare
What are shinto offerings?
Train Etiquette in Japan: What to Expect as a Foreigner
Things You Didn't Know About Japan and Japanese People Part 2
Japanese New Year Traditions
What you need to know about "Good" and "Bad" in Japanese
JLPT for Studying and Working in Japan
Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo
Geisha Dinner Experience in Tokyo
Support With a Newborn in Japan?
My experience applying for a Japanese Public Daycare
School Grade and Age Structure in Japan
Homemade Baby Food in Japan
Wadaiko: The Summer Rhythm and Movements of Taiko in Japan
Japanese Language Exchange: Find a Partner to Talk With
How to Share, Rent Bikes in Tokyo
Fun Places for Children in Tokyo - Farms, Legoland, Book Stores, Animal Cafes
International Schools in Aichi
International Schools in Hyogo