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Information on Japanese cuisine, drinks, Japanese food, recipes, food labels, healthy food, and other food-related topics for foreigners living in Japan.

Types of Salt in Japan: Natural, Refined & How to Choose
Umami 101: Master the Art of Balancing Flavors
Japanese Soy Sauce: A Versatile Ingredient Your Kitchen Needs
20 Popular Japanese Seasonings, Sauces, and Condiments
Japanese Sake - How to Brew and its History
4 Caffeine-Free Alternatives to Coffee in Japan
Eating Out in Japan: Restaurant Guides
Nabe: Japanese Hot Pot Dishes to Melt Your Heart
Japanese Tofu: A Deliciously Versatile Ingredient
3 Popular Ways to Consume Ginger in Japan
Japanese Mushrooms: Nutritious and Delicious
50+ Ways to Say Meat in Japanese: Beef, Pork, Chicken & More
10 Delicious Fruit Toast Recipes
Mago wa Yasashii: Japanese Key to Healthy Eating
How to Plant and Grow Rice
Food Culture Differences Between Kanto and Kansai
Wagashi: The World of Traditional Japanese Sweets
A Closer Look at Dagashi: Japan’s Nostalgic Sweets
What Is Japanese Seaweed? A Guide to Japan's Essential Ingredient
What Is Tsukemono? A Guide to Japan's Essential Side Dish
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