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Zoos and Aquariums in Tokyo

This is the best list if you are seeking for Zoos and Aquariums in and around Tokyo! There are many fascinating animals to see. At Fuji Safari Park you can watch animals from your own vehicle. Some of Tokyo's zoos and aquariums are located right in the city.

Ueno Zoo

Photo via Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo is the oldest zoo in Japan, having been founded in 1882. It has a large variety of animals as well as a petting zoo where children can enjoy getting up close to all sort of friendly creatures.

Yokohama Zoological Gardens (Zoorasia)

Photo via Yokohama Zoological Gardens

This is a home to some very rare animals, such as the okapi and Rothschild's mynah, which are kept in only a few zoos worldwide. Measuring approximately 53 hectares, Zoorasia is one of the Japan's largest scale zoos. There are 1500 animals here, made up of over 150 different varieties, arranged according to climate zones in which they normally live.

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  • Address : 1175-1 Kamishiranecho, Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-Pref. (Sotetsu line, Tsrugamine or Mitsukyo Station or JR Yokohama line/Yokohama city subway Nakayama Station and take a bus bound for Zoorasia and get off at the last stop.)

Tama Zoo (Hino, Tokyo)

Photo via Tama Zoo

Divided into Asiatic, African, and Australian areas spread over 129 acres, this sprawling zoological park in western Tokyo offers children a chance to encounter animals in a more natural setting. If you’re not afraid of creepy-crawly things, be sure to check out their insectarium for the chance to have a butterfly land on you.

Fuji Safari Park (Shizuoka)

Photo via Fuji Safari Park

This safari park set at the base of Mount Fuji is home to over 900 animals from 70 different species. Enjoy the Safari Zone from the comfort of your own car or hop on board the Jungle Bus. The Fureai Zone gives kids the opportunity to meet cute animals up close, while the Night Safari allows a chance to observe nocturnal predators at their most active.

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  • Address : 2255-27 Fujiwara Aza Suyama, Susono City, Shizuoka (Bus access from Gotemba Station on the JR and Odakyu Lines)

Inokashira Park Zoo (Musashino-shi, Tokyo)

Photo via Inokashira Park Zoo

Inokashira Park Zoo located next door to Inokashira Koen Park in Kichijoji is a small local zoo targeted toward young children. Hug a guinea pig in the petting zoo, or hunt for grasshoppers and toads in the Wildlife Encounter Field. Be sure to play “I Spy” as you walk through the squirrel habitat and see how many you can spot.


Shinagawa Aquarium

Photo via Shinagawa Aquarium

The Shinagawa Aquarium is one of Tokyo's best aquariums with all sorts of marine life on display for your children to marvel at. It has regular dolphin and sea lion shows that are not to be missed.

  • Website : (Japanese)
  • Address : 3-2-1, Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (Keihin Kyuko Line, Omori-Kaigan Station)

Tokyo Sea Life Park Aquarium (Kasai Rinkai Suizokuen)

Photo via Tokyo Sea Life Park Aquarium

A huge donut-shaped tank (2,200t) is installed at Tokyo Sea Life Park where bluefin tunas swim around freely. The sea of the World, Life of the Deep Sea, Life on the Shoreline, the Sea of Tokyo, and Life in Freshwater are some of the exhibit sections. At this aquarium, you can also see penguins, auks, and puffins.



Take a walk around the relaxing area created by bobbing jellyfish, sounds and lights. Enjoy the colorful tropical fish and the unique creatures that change depending on the exhibit theme. You can also watch rare sawfish and manta rays gracefully dancing from the romantic underwater tunnel.

Sumida Aquarium (Tokyo Skytree Town)

Photo via Sumida Aquarium

The Sumida Aquarium is a beautiful urban aquarium located in the Solamachi Mall at Tokyo Skytree. Its massive indoor tank, the largest of its kind in Japan, offers a nearly unobstructed view from almost any angle of Magellanic penguins and South American fur seals. Be sure not to miss their colorful sea jelly and goldfish exhibits.

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  • Address : Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi 5–6F, 1-2, Oshiage 1-chome, Sumida, Tokyo (Tokyo Skytree Station on Tobu Skytree Line, or 5 min. from Oshiage Station on Tokyo Metro Hanzomon and Toei Subway Asakusa Lines)

Kamogawa Sea World (Chiba)

Photo via Kamogawa Sea World

This marine park and aquarium in Chiba prefecture is home to over 11,000 sea and river creatures.

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