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English-Speaking Travel Agencies in Japan

Japan is one of the most popular international tourism destinations. International travel has increased dramatically in the recent decade, thanks to its reputation for polite efficiency, a fully maintained culture, and gourmet favorites like sushi and ramen.

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If you need help arranging your trip or want someone to do it for you, keep reading to discover our list of the finest English-speaking travel agents in Japan. However, if you would prefer to search for and book accommodations on your own, you may find the following article helpful: "Travel in Japan: Hotel Booking Websites."

English-speaking Travel Agencies in Japan

Exploring new cultures and nations can easily pique one's interest, but without a guide who understands what you're looking for, planning what to do can be a nightmare, which is why we strongly advise working with one of Japan's many English-friendly travel agencies.

While travel companies have mostly fallen out of favor in the West, many Japanese people still rely on them to plan their trips. Because so many people are vying for a piece of the pie, you, the traveler, have a better chance of saving money and having the kind of holiday that only a cultural insider can provide.

Japan Wonder Travel

Japan Wonder Travel provides English-language private and group tours throughout Japan. They not only provide package tours, but also one-day optional tours and local tours.

Arigato Travel

The #1 culinary and cultural tourism company in Japan, Arigato Travel, is dedicated to assisting tourists in creating memorable culinary experiences. They provide more than 40 food tours and authentic local experiences in some of Japan's most popular locations, using the mouthwatering cuisine as a springboard to introduce visitors to all that is wonderful about Japan. They believe that food is the best way to begin to understand a culture. They also provide VIP and customized tours. To experience Japan with a local, be sure to schedule a tour with them.

Hankyu Travel

Founded in 1948, this agency specializes in offering the highest quality travel services. They make use of a large number of facilities and a comprehensive network of information, as well as a skilled and efficient travel staff.

JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. (JTBGMT) manages the website, which specializes in foreign travelers visiting Japan. Only web reservations and technical support are handled by this website.

* JTBGMT is part of the JTB Group

JapanQuest Journeys

JapanQuest Journeys is the leading Japan Destination Management Company/Tour Operator specializing in bespoke ‘tailor-made' luxury journeys to Japan. JapanQuest Journeys, with offices in Washington, DC and Tokyo, provides personalized end-to-end platinum quality service, meeting the exacting needs of the discerning traveler. We prioritize our clients' interests by enlisting the best planners, client service representatives, and expert guides who exude the highest levels of knowledge, resourcefulness, and thoughtful professionalism.

Japan Gray Line

The firm specializes in organizing incentive tours and events, as well as providing support to international visitors attending conventions and events in Japan.

KNT – Kinki Nippon Tourist

Founded in 1955, the Travel Agency provides a wide range of travel services to foreign travelers visiting Japan.

Magical Trip

Magical Trip is a tour company that provides some one-of-a-kind experiences with a friendly local guide, such as bar-hopping tours, cultural informative tours, cycling tours, sumo tours, and so on. You will learn a lot about Japanese culture, history, and local information that you would not have known otherwise if you did not speak with a local.

Nippon Travel Agency

Nippon Travel Agency was founded in 1905 to provide thorough information and help to tourists to Japan.


Contact them with your needs, from day excursions to customized vacations.


An independent organization that has been doing walking tours in Japan since 1992, giving the best planned, finest led, and most satisfying and fun tours available in Japan.

Popular Locations to Visit in Japan

Before you hire an agent, however, it’s good to have a basic idea of where you would like to go. Below are some of the most popular destinations to help you narrow down your travel plans.


You could easily spend your entire trip exploring Tokyo and still find yourself wanting to see more. It offers something for everyone from sports and entertainment, to art, culture, history, cuisine, and shopping. If you plan to make Tokyo a part of your itinerary, be sure to look through our many activity guides to see what’s possible around the city.


Kyoto was once the medieval capital of Japan. Much of the old city is still preserved, making it a top destination for Japanophiles hoping for a peek into the country’s feudal past. You can still fully immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture by visiting a variety of shrines, temples, and shop-lined alleys.

Distance from Tokyo:135 minutes by bullet train

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Nikko, located to the north of Tokyo, is home to the famous Toshogu shrine. This shrine was dedicated to the Tokugawa shogunate and is considered one of the most beautiful and ornate shrines in all of Japan. The surrounding forest includes an impressive set of waterfalls, as well as some wonderful onsen, or natural hot springs.

Distance from Tokyo: 140 minutes by limited express train

>> English Tours in Nikko


Kamakura is a leisurely day trip from Tokyo and full of shrines and castles. This area was the capital of Japan during the Kamakura period. It offers a great combination of historical sites and hiking opportunities. Go just a little farther out to the nearby island of Enoshima for a fun day at the beach — a spot so relaxing you won’t believe Shinjuku is less than two hours away.

Distance from Tokyo: 60 minutes by local train

>> English Tours in Kamakura

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji, Japan’s iconic volcano, is unmistakable. The official climbing season is from May to October. It’s recommended that you only attempt the ascent during this period. There are many official groups with which you can make the ascent, so only seasoned climbers should try to go up solo.

Distance from Tokyo: 170 minutes by express and local trains

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Popular Seasonal Activities in Japan

There’s something for nearly every outdoor interest when it comes to touring Japan, but there are certain areas and activities that are particularly worth exploring depending on the season.


The most important event of spring is hanami, a fleeting week where all of the cherry blossoms bloom simultaneously in a blaze of soft pink. While it’s possible to guess which week will be blessed with the event each year, there are often changes in weather that result in the window changing, so we recommend casting your net wide for a longer stay to ensure that you get the chance to experience a picnic beneath a radiant canopy of flowers.


Summer is the typical season for international tourists, but be warned: major metropolises like Tokyo and Osaka get uncomfortably hot and humid. That being said, Japan has keeping cool down to an art form, and the most popular outdoor activities include summer festivals boasting music, singing, and drums that you will hear deep into the night.  

There are also many opportunities to enjoy massive firework festivals throughout the season in Tokyo, Osaka, and other major cities. If your trip happens to line up with one of these events, be sure not to miss it.


The fall foliage is truly something to behold throughout Japan. The displays across the mountains rival any in the world. Especially against the backdrop of so many ancient temples and shrines, you can begin to understand why the Japanese hold nature sacred. With temperatures cooling, this is an ideal time to come to Japan.


Winter is perhaps the least popular of the seasons, unless you head north of Tokyo. Nagano and Niseko’s alpine slopes covered in powder snow are worth a visit at least once in your life if you’re an avid skier. After a full day’s activities, it’s common to find yourself sitting in front of a steaming communal hotpot or a bowl of intensely flavorful ramen. This is also a popular season to indulge in a hot spring vacation.

Arriving in Japan

The final question is where you will be flying into Japan: Haneda or Narita. Almost all international travel into Japan goes through these two major hubs, both located near Tokyo. While Narita is larger, it’s also further out of the way in Tokyo’s neighboring prefecture of Chiba. Haneda, on the other hand, is right in Tokyo.

Both airports have had significant facelifts in the last few years, and right now it’s not that difficult to travel into Tokyo from either one. If you would like more information, check out our full guides to traveling from Narita and Haneda into Tokyo

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