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Internet in Japan: Finding English-Speaking Providers in Japan

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After arriving in Japan, it is unlikely that you will be able to settle down without internet. There are several options for connecting to the internet in Japan. Which option is best for you depends on how you plan to stay in Japan and how you use the internet. Here we recommend the easiest ways to connect to internet in Japan, including pocket WiFi and SIM cards.

Getting a broadband Internet connection in Japan

The main thing to understand about broadband Internet access in Japan is that there are actually two separate companies who play a part in providing you access to the Internet. First, there is the company responsible for installing the actual lines to connect your house to their network. The second company is the Internet service provider (ISP), who will be in charge of providing you the actual Internet services.

The company in charge of installing your Internet connection in your home will generally provide one of two main types of broadband Internet access. Be sure to check with your building's management and the company that is in charge of installing the Internet connection when choosing and Internet connection type as the type of connection you are able to use will vary depending on your address and the building. Below are companies that provide high-speed Internet line connections.

Sakura Fiber Internet

Sakura Fiber Internet provides English Service and fast internet connection (1Gbps), and they use Flet’s Hikari fiber-optic network from NTT EAST and NTT WEST. There is no 2-year contract either.

GTN Home Internet Service

GTN offers a total support to get an internet connection for you! You can also get a Free WiFi Router as gift.

Flet's (Tokyo)

NTT East is the main line provider in Tokyo and offers Hikari Fiber through its FLET’S network in and around Tokyo and all of the Kanto area. Also, the Giga service, which is the latest and fastest version of broadband Internet access, offers download speeds at rates of up to 1 gigabyte per second.


AU, formerly a purely mobile phone service provider, now offers hikari fiber access with download speeds up to 1 gigabyte per second.

You may need to prepare a wifi router

If you would like to use WiFi, you may need to purchase a wifeless LAN router (Wifi Router) by yourself. They can be easily found on a web shop like Amazon.

Pocket WiFi

Renting a pocket WiFi is the most recommended for first time visitors who will travel or live in Japan to connect to the internet since it starts working soon without any troublesome process. Once you turn the mobile router on, your smartphone, computer and other devices get connected to the fast and stable WiFi.

Many pocket WiFi rental companies offers reasonable plans arranging a WiFi unit for you to pick up at airports, hotels or your new house. This most popular internet choice is for not only short-term travelers but also immigrants until the situation is under control.

Pocket Wi-Fi from Mobal

Mobal offers a pocket WiFi and they deliver for free in Japan.

Pocket Wi-Fi from Sakura Mobile

You can also rent a Pocket-WiFi. For more details, please check on Sakura Mobile.

Pocket Wi-Fi from GTN Mobile

Check GTN's Mobile Services for details.

Pocket Wi-Fi from NINJA WIFI

Experience worry-free, completely flat-rate connectivity for your devices with up to 10GB of high-speed 4G-LTE internet, without any additional charges.You can receive a 10% discount by applying through NINJA Wifi!

Pocket Wi-Fi from Japan Wireless

Japan Wireless offers a Pocket WiFi as well. 

SIM cards

As a common way to get the internet worldwide, a SIM card is also what you should take into account. There are two types in SIM cards: a pre-paid short-term one and the other with monthly contract. It is a relatively cheap option to connect to the internet but you can use only your device with limited data. It is a leading option for those who connect to the internet within minimal amount or stay connected outside without carrying any other devices.


Sakura Mobile

GTN Mobile

Rakuten Mobile

Home Internet

If you plan to move to Japan, installing hone internet will be the most common choice and what you should do sooner or later. It takes some weeks to set up the home router installed unlike the simple mobile WiFi, but you can use the stable faster internet at a lower monthly price with it. There are lots of Japanese home internet providers such as NTT Docomo, au and Softbank. Compare their prices and other conditions to find the best one fitting you.

Wi-Fi Hotspots in Japan

Free WiFi is something that is becoming more and more common especially in large touristic cities. It can be found in airports, train stations (both JR and Metro stations), shopping malls, hotels, hostels, and even some restaurants and cafes such as Starbucks.

Of course, you can use Free WiFi in Japan for free, however, there are some restrictions that will cause you inconvenience. One thing is that it is not like you can use Free WiFi anywhere in Japan. Through you can sign up and access to a Free WiFi, it usually comes with a time and data usage limit. Therefore, this free option is only recommended to use at a specific location as a temporary treatment.

Wi2 300 is one company that provides access to over 200,000 WiFi hotspots across Japan and offers subscriptions in hourly, daily, and weekly segments. Check their site to see if you have sufficient coverage where you live and work.