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The 10 Best Products for Surviving Winter

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Winter in Japan is naturally cold, but since central heating is less prevalent than it is in Europe or the United States, it is also surprisingly cold inside the home. These heating products can be used indoors, outdoors, and in the office to keep you warm during the chilly months. They may also be valued as gifts. Utilize these cozy products to survive the chilly Japanese winter.

Indoor Winter Products

1. Foot Warmer

Unique design foot warmer which wraps your feet completely and it cuts off cold air from outside and keeps heat inside. This foot warmer is an outlet-type, which also features a faster warming speed than USB types. The heating pad is made of soft cloth with built-in fiber heating material, which is insulated and guaranteed safe. The inside is made of soft material and is very comfortable to touch. The temperature can be adjusted in 6 steps from 40°C-60°C and there is also a timer.

2. Ceramic Fan Heater

Small ceramic fan heater can be easily moved anywhere. Equipped with a double safety tipping over OFF switch.

3. Tokyo Nishikawa Lap Blanket

Tokyo Nishikawa's warm lap blanket. Lightweight but with gentle warmth. Made in Japan quality. You can put it on your shoulders or knees to protect yourself from the cold air.

4. Walkable Kotatsu - Kotanpo

This is a walkable kotatsu. You can move around the house in the warmth of the kotatsu. The warm and fluffy boa material on both the front and back will keep you warm.

The large LCD remote control provides excellent visibility and operability. In addition to the 6-step temperature control, the timer is automatically set when the power is turned on, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. 

5. INKO Heating Mat

INKO Heating Mat is an innovative USB slim heater that uses silver nano ink as the heating material. It is manufactured with a 1mm thin material that is soft to the touch and can be easily rolled up for storage. It is an innovative heating product that is safe, secure, and warm, and can be easily carried to the office or when out and about. Since the heat is generated by silver nano ink, it does not emit electromagnetic waves that may affect the human body. It is safe to use for children and the elderly, as well as for pets at home.

Outdoor Winter Products

6. Bluetooth Earmuffs

HD high fidelity sound music, advanced digital sound with Bluetooth earmuffs allows you to enjoy an advanced music listening experience while wearing the earmuffs. Simple 3-button panel Built-in stereo speakers and microphone allow you to easily answer calls, play music, and adjust volume. Made of soft, comfortable, warm material that blocks wind from your ears without blocking sound.

7. Rechargeable, USB Pocket Warmer

This is an electric pocket warmer and a mobile charger all in one, great product! It can be used for outdoor sports, camping, skiing, hiking, emergency cell phone charging during winter work, hand warmer, and so on.The system keeps track of remaining power and heating temperature at all times. There are many more USB type pocket warmers and standard pocket warmers available.

8. Rechargeable Warm Vest

This is a rechargeable warm vest. It is very "eco-friendly" with a heater that efficiently warms the body. Charging time is approx. 3 hours and the duration of use is approx. 4-15 hours. You can wash it once taking out the battery.

9. Warm Neck Ring

This neck warmer self-hardens at temperatures below 48°C and maintains moderate warmth. It can be used over and over again and requires no power supply or batteries. The cover is also very soft feeling.

10. Smartphone Touch Pane Compatible Gloves

Gloves with waterproof, cold-resistant and smartphone touch panel compatible.

A Little Additions for Your Beloved Pets

Shiba Inu Cushion

How about this super cute cozy cushion? Diameter: 85cm.

Warm Bed for Cats and Small Dogs

This warm bed is suitable for all types of cats and small dogs (poodles, chihuahuas, miniature dachshunds, pomeranians, Yorkshire terriers, miniature schnauzers, Shih Tzus, Maltese, etc.). It comes with a toy ball.