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Information on Sports in Japan, travel and outings for foreign residents in Japan.

Travel Fair at Expat Expo Tokyo
What You Need to Know before Climbing Mt. Fuji
Eki Melo: Train Station Melodies in Japan
English-Speaking Gyms in Tokyo
Best Onsen Towns In Ishikawa
Matsue: One of Japan's 12 Original Castles
Where to See Wisteria Flowers Near Tokyo
9 Water Activities to do in Okinawa
The Best Cherry Blossom Spot in Aomori
Four Places in Japan to Experience Making Washi Paper
Top 5 Hanami Spots in Fukui for Cherry Blossoms Watching
What is Sumo Wrestling?
Skiing Near Tokyo Made Easy and Fun with Great Resorts
Minobusan – The Buddhist enclave on Tokyo’s doorstep
5 Fun Ways to Make the Most of Winter in Fukui
15 Best Tattoo-Friendly Onsens in Japan
Travel in Japan: Hotel Booking Websites
"Must-See" Places in Japan - As Chosen by Expats Living in Japan
Tokyo Sports Groups and Clubs for English Speakers
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